Tuesday, September 29, 2015

~ Discount Diva ~ Birthday Freebies ~ Repost ~

Last year I took extra effort to turn my frown upside down when it came to the topic of my birthday . Well with this upcoming birthday feeling more overwhelming than past ones , I don't know that I have the energy I had last year to evade feeling elderly . Especially coming off of a small road trip that wore me out head to toe , inside and out . I have so fallen out of my go , go , go , pace from RD/AD life that even just a few days of go , go , go , wrecked me . Making me feel ever oh so elderly . So , while I'd love to say that this post is going to be encouraging , uplifting , and full of birthday glee.......it's just not gonna be . I have however decided to wallow in the freebies that come with turning another year older and sharing those freebies with you hopefully helping you to turn your frown upside down on your next birthday ! You know how I love saving a buck , scoring a deal , and obviously ANYTHING FREE !! Making the joy of my bday freebies no surprise to you . In my post  "Earn When You Spend"  I discussed companies that offer rewards for purchasing their products . Some of these companies , restaurants , and stores also offer special birthday gift cards , bonus' , and points . Most businesses with birthday rewards will e-mail or snail mail you the reward several weeks prior to your actual birthday . They will then give you a expiration date of a week after your bday or up to a month to use this freebie making your birth-DAY more like a birth - MONTH ! As my good friend Bridget says , " I'll celebrate as long as you want to celebrate me ! " .
I should be alarmed that these kind of return labels
do NOT alarm me . It's how I know something is
from a friend ! I wonder what the mail man thinks ?!
My bday is just a few days away and I have already enjoyed three birthday freebies and have three or four left to cash in . Some of the freebies I can recommend because I've had the opportunity to actually use them this year and in years past are TGIF Give Me More Stripes ,   Red Robin Royalty Club , Torrid Insider , Sears Shop Your Way , Rita's Italian Ice , & Starbucks . With these programs specifically you do not have to have earned a certain amount of points in order to receive a birthday bonus . With Torrid Insider  & Sears Shop Your Way I received a $10.00 "gift card " that could be used in combination with sale / clearance items , online and in store . If I chose to use them online I could then choose to have the item delivered to the store for free . I know you are dying to know what I got , a super cool necklace and a dog themed Christmas ornament that comes with a special holiday collar tag for Jack Davis . If you read my post  " My Favorite Things " you should already know that  freebies , jewelry , Jack Davis and all things Christmas are right at the top !!!
I knew this picture would come in handy some day .
Restaurant rewards that I have had in years past and are going to take advantage of this year are Red Robin's Royalty program which offers you a free burger of your choice . All their burgers seem to already come with fries leaving you to pay for whatever you drink . If you get water you could walk away with a completely free meal . ( Of course be sure to tip your waiter/tress ) The program is free and you can sign up online or in store . You receive a credit card type card to keep in your wallet to show at your visits and keep up with your points / freebies . This program also offers you varied freebies and discounts throughout the year . You earn points on each visit that eventually add up to free appetizers , drinks or desserts . TGIF , Give Me More Stripes program works in a very similar fashion . The only difference that I have noticed is that with your free birthday dessert you have to have purchased an entrĂ©e at your visit in order to redeem the birthday offer . It can be redeemed with lunch or dinner so it can be done for a reasonable price . Their desserts are so delicious that it is still a great deal ! Rita's Italian Ice & Starbucks will send you their freebie via e-mail or ap . Their freebies do not require you to purchase anything in order to receive your bday bonus . Rita's offers a regular sized Italian ice in the flavor of your choice . You simply bring in the printed out offer from the e-mail they send you prior to its expiration date . Starbucks offers you any handcrafted drink of any size with any alterations or bottled beverage or food item AND 15% off at their online store as your bday reward . All you do to sign up is register any Starbucks gift card you purchase or receive . Once you have registered the card and created an account through that registration all that's left is to sit back and wait for your bday to roll around . I have the Starbucks Ap , of course , and it will keep track of any gift card I register , purchase I make , rewards I earn and alert me to freebies , bonus' , and discounts that are offered year around . Including aps and itune downloads .
Starbucks makes all things more bearable , especially birthdays !
The above are programs that I have used personally so I feel that I can recommend them 100% !! I believe there are other companies that offer similar deals such as Dunkin Donuts . I am not a member of their rewards program , simply because we do not have one located close enough to my town , but I have friends that are avid DD drinkers that recommend the program . I know that most people when offered the chance to sign up for a rewards or bonus program when eating at a restaurant or shopping see it as a trick or too big a deal , but all the programs I have benefited from where super easy and quick to sign up for . They do not overwhelm my inbox , txts , or aps with push notifications or alerts . I have found them all to be very beneficial .

So , as I work at celebrating my upcoming bday one freebie at a time I hope that you take this opportunity to sign up for some birthday rewards of your own !! Happy Birthday to You !!! If you know of any programs that should've been mentioned in this post please feel free to add them in the comment section below ! Who doesn't love a free treat ??!! I don't even know !! If you are interested in looking into the programs , businesses or past posts mentioned in this blog , feel free to click on any of the highlighted links throughout the post .
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