Friday, September 11, 2015

~ 9/11/01 ~

#‎regram‬ ‪#‎tbp‬ #911 ‪#‎neverforget‬ ‪#‎patriots‬ ‪#‎heros‬ 📱😘 🇺🇸 "Where were you when the world stopped turning ?" - Alan Jackson 🎶 I can recall vividly being in my last two classes at Liberty University , working for the school news paper & in the Campus Pastors Office . I think God placed me in all those places intentionally for that time . I can't imagine having been anywhere else .

My boss/friend called me into the office early. I hadn't watched TV or listened to the radio that mor...ning as I had class first thing . I walked into a bustling office as someone was rolling in a TV & my boss/friend came toward me talking a mile a minute . I couldn't get my head wrapped around what was going on . I first thought maybe something had happened to our chancellor or The President. Everyone was moving around so quickly . I felt like I was stuck in quick sand . I could hear sniffles from behind office doors & cubicles . I don't recall ever making it to my desk that day , though I am sure I must have as a special campus wide prayer service was called by our Chancellor & President . I worked in the office that made those kinds of arrangements at the time . My boss was the Campus worship pastor and my co-workers where other Campus Pastors & fellow students . I recall hearing everything that was being said but not understanding a bit of it then turning toward the TV that had been rolled in & plugged up just as the second tower was hit . I got sick immediately . I had never felt so far from home , so instantly afraid, and shocked before . I could not grasp the reality and gravity of what was happening . So , I focused on the organizational tasks at hand .

As I finally got to the prayer service I walked in through the tunnel (a staffers only type area) into a sea of students on their knees literally crying out to God for mercy . Some from NYC, some already finding out a loved one was lost , some terrified of the possibility , others sympathetic to their peers & so much more . It all finally caught up to me.  It finally set in . I sat on the floor of the Vines Center , in a dress on dusty floor coverings , looking at the flag facilities had quickly pinned to 4x4s & set as a back drop . It was real . This was happening . Never forget.

Pic from The Band Perry's Instagram

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