Monday, September 21, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Sept. 21st ~

Lauren Daigle - "Trust in You"

This weeks first #NewMusicMonday goes along with my status posts the last few days . I'll add them to the end of this post . A sweet friend sent this song to me several weeks ago . I keep  going back to it as I linger on the idea of waiting and waiting expectantly . We've gotta find it within ourselves to make a way to trust and believe in His timing for our lives . My goal first and foremost is to always be where He wants me to be . He is NOT a purposeless God . If you are in a time of waiting I would encourage you to give all of today's New Music Monday selections a listen .

Second on ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is ‪#‎CastingCrowns‬, "Just Be Held". I am in love w the lyric, "your worlds not falling apart its falling into place". I feel this addition to #NewMusicMonday also goes well w the idea of waiting expectantly. I didn't plan this weeks ‪#‎NMM‬ far in advance like usual and its correlation w Psalms 5:3 is kinda bowling me over. I pray you are as encouraged by all this coincidence as I am. ‪#‎nothingiscoincidence‬ ‪#‎Heplans‬ ‪#‎Heplants

Casting Crowns - "Just Be Held"
Crystal Lewis - "Dyer Road"
My last ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is actually a throw back. ‪#‎CrystalLewis‬' "Dyer Road" is a song I have been listening to since I was a sophomore in college. So much of the lyrical content is just so comforting to me. The truth of "I've got a God that knows my situation" & "sending me a sign now and then to make sure that I'm still listening" is just too good not to share. So, while it may be a older tune for me it may be new to you making #NewMusicMonday worthy. Happy #NewMusicMonday !!! I hope you have found some encouragement in it today.

Below are my Facebook status posts for yesterday and today . Just things I felt I needed to share from my devo's . As I thought on #NMM I found it so encouraging how what He has been trying to tell me goes with the songs He lead me to . He will always get His words to us . It is our job to have our heart , mind , and ears open and ready to hear them .
" In the morning , O Lord , you hear my voice ; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation ." Psalm 5:3 - We are to share w Him our requests , the desires of our hearts and we are then to wait w expectation that He WILL answer us . It doesn't say "to lay our requests before Him and then wait in doubt" . No!! "Wait in EXPECTATION"!!!!! He hears you . He has a plan already set into motion . Wait in expectation of Him . What a exciting thought !!

Mkay ! For the second morning in a row Psalm 5:3 has been pointed out to me by Him . So , I am reposting yesterdays status . When seemingly odd things like that happen I always feel so strongly that it isn't just for me . So . I gotta share . Along w yesterdays post I wanna add the following fr #JesusCalling , " I am the Creator of the entire universe , yet I choose to make My humble home in your is there I speak to you in holy whispers ." We ask God and then we 1 . Tend to doubt He will answer and 2 . Expect His answer to be shouted from heaven. God whispers . Matter of fact . As you bring your burdens , praises and requests to Him today I would challenge you to sit in a moment of quiet . Give your heart a chance to listen for His whisper . God already knows your needs and even your wants . He has a plan to answer both if He hasn't already . Open your heart , mind and ears to the idea it could come in a quieter fashion than you might expect . You are loved .  You are not alone .
Happy New Music Monday !!! I hope that all this ramblin' proved helpful and encouraging to you in some way as you begin another week . What music has been helping you through ?!! Please feel free to share in the comments !!

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