Monday, September 14, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Sept. 14th ~

Hey Gang ! I got so amped thinking about this weeks #NewMusicMonday that I started working on it last Wednesday . I couldn't help myself . This week we are starting with The Cadillac Three , " White Lightening " . I am just getting to know the tune myself . I became curious after reading/hearing of varied other artist mention the trio in interviews and on social media . I always feel like if other bands and artists are speaking of a band/artist on their own accord and not because they are working on a project with them then it is something worth checking out . Their style both musically and vocally may feel familiar , but it still somehow very unique as well . Weird ! I know . When I heard the southern , rough and soulful growl of lead vocalist Jaren Johnston I couldn't help but think of Kid Rock . Take a listen and judge for yourself . Either way I think I'll be keeping my ears open for whatever is next from this group .

To research their sound further you can click here .

                                                    The Cadillac Three - White Lighting

Second on #NewMusicMonday is from Kip Moore and the Slow Hearts . I am still on a #WildOnes high and have yet to get enough of this long awaited album , currently available in stores and online .  " That Was Us " is a picture of small town friendships with nothing to do on a Friday night . It is a reminiscent tune for me and I know that there are several of you that will feel the same way . While there is not video beyond live performances available at the moment you can listen to the audio by clicking the link below .

Kip & the Slow Hearts will be at the Tennessee Theatre November 5th . To get tickets or check for other upcoming headlining dates click here .

Audio File - Kip Moore - "That Was Us"

Last on #NewMusicMonday is Maddie and Taes' , " Fly" . While this single has been around since last Spring the duo's first album just released . Heading toward the end of the Sounds of Summer tour with Dierks Bentley , Kip Moore , & Caanan Smith the girls have dropped their first album , " Start Here ", just two weeks ago . Starting with the super catchy and totally on point , " Girl in a Country Song " Maddie and Tae have gotten the attention not only of Nashville , but of country music fans everywhere . I am fan girling over this duo not just because they are on tour with some of the most talented men in country music , but because of their writing skills . My love of music is not dependent on an artist writing all their own stuff , but I do seem to feel a deeper respect when I know that they have had a part in creating what they're performing . It just makes it more personal and passionate for me . "Fly" , the second release from " Start Here " is a song I could listen to again and again and still have a tear in my eye every time . Maybe because it hits so close to home with my current journey , but maybe because it is just that good of a song !!! Local music lovers - Maddie and Tae will be at Cotton Eyed Joes in Knoxville on October 15th and in Chattanooga at Track 29 on October 17th . You can click here to see more dates , go to Maddie & Tae's website , get tickets , etc .

Maddie & Tae - "Fly"

Happy listening everybody !!! I hope you have a great music filled week !! What have you been listening too ? Please feel free to share in the comment section !

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