Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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Jesus Calling - Sept. 8th
So , I was just doing my devos minding my own business when the Lord speaks so specifically . I will NEVER stop being amazed by His directness towards us . I had just finished being less than thankful and a complete girl complaining about my insecurities and why oh why does it have to be this way and no matter what I do or don't nothing changes (just a little real life rawness for ya today) and yada ya...da blah blah . Then I read this , " Accept each day exactly as it comes to you . By that , I mean not only the circumstances of your day , but also the condition of your BODY . Your assignment is to TRUST ME ABSOLUTELY , resting in My sovereignty and faithfulness . " - Jesus Calling and " I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint . " Jeremiah 31:25 I mean , listen guys , it is very clear that He wants us to find acceptance with in ourselves for whatever situation we are in while also continuing after Him . Physically , mentally , spiritually , & emotionally if your situation is less than you dreamed trust that even this has potential to bring Him glory . Keep pursuing His word . Linger on the things you know to be true of Him . Consider how your situation could possibly bring Him glory and show others what exactly your God is capable of . The time of glory may not come in the midst of the battle , but once it is all said and done you can bet your sweet biscuits that you will see His handiwork in it . So . Don't be brought down today by ANYTHING. Heads held high . He has you .

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