Friday, September 4, 2015

~ Insta Blog ~ Be Generous to Yourself Now and Then ~

Some days its about being grateful for the little things and remembering it is ok to do a little something for yourself now and then no matter your "situation". Today I am grateful for hand written letters , snail mail , and "co-workers" that turn into real friendships !! @kaye_laso11 I just love you and your beautiful heart lots and lots !!! Thank you for obeying His leading when He asked you to write this letter . I am grateful for "used" music stores (the boss... for $3.95 almost seems wrong.....but I love him.....and a bargain , so .) , coupons (so that m'$18.00 vitamins are FREE ( this bottle will last close to three months PTL) , and new music magazines just for the brain candy factor . A couple frivolous purchases ? Maybe . Well worth the less than $10.00 spent ? Definitely . As you head into your long Labor day weekend remember it is ok to enjoy yourself or to at least try , no matter whats going on in your world and to maybe do a little something thats just for you . We are hugging summer good bye and heading toward yet another season . Celebrate this one for what it was and be grateful for the change a new one brings . Love you all !!!

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