Thursday, September 3, 2015

~ Books ~ Cause Reading Makes You Look Smart ~

So , in the last two weeks several people close to me have published books . Weird right ?! But that is kinda how my world works , when it rains it pours . I am very proud of both and need to brag a little on my loved ones . First....
Dana and I met our freshmen year of high school . In choir and both mixed in some sort of he said she said , boy tryin' to be a playa nonsense , we at first where on opposite sides of a girl fight . That lasted about an hour and somewhere in the hour after that we became besties and have been ever since . We "cruised" (drove up and down main street eventually landing in the Wal-Mart parking lot) town with the boys who drove wubba wubba's (big ol' trucks) , spent as much time in church activities as we did any other , shared a locker our senior year with another bestie and even managed to survive going to different colleges in different states . Somehow , though our life journey's have lead us on different adventures we have always remained close and connected . Everyone has buddies , but not everyone gets real true friends . I am proud to say Dana is one of mine and more than likely always will be . So , I can't help but boast on her behalf on this kinda a big deal accomplishment of the publication of her first book , "Confessions of an Unlikely Runner" .  You can check to download your copy now for free !!! Congrats Dana on your first book !! We are all so very proud of you .

Next , my cousin , Tracy Adkins Powers and her husband Dennis Powers have written and published a Christian children's book , " Little Kate - World Traveler " . My cousin Tracy is one of the main reasons I had the opportunity to attend Liberty University . As I was searching and thinking on the idea of college Tracy passed along an Alumni Scholarship to me from the university . At the time I never thought I'd go so far away from home , but I am so thankful that she opened my mind to the idea . Liberty changed my life and I'm always overwhelmed by how a small gesture could make such a big impact . The scholarship didn't pay my way , but it undeniably opened the doors . So , I am so excited to now get to share with you all her and her hubs book as a bit of a Thank You . Inspired by my great-grandparents , Tracys' grandparents Estel and Hannah , and her great niece , Kate , Tracy and Dennis have come up with such a sweet depiction of a little one looking to share her adventures with her grandparents . I often think on what Mamaw Hannah might have to say about the grand kids , great grand kids , adventures and this is a fun way of thinking what it might have been like to get to tell her our stories . You can purchase "Little Kate - World Traveler" by clicking here . There is also a small free preview that can be read here .

Little Kate - World Traveler - WestBow Press
With a long weekend ahead this may be the perfect time to download these two books !! What have you been reading lately ?!

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