Friday, September 11, 2015

~ Music for the Weekend ~ A Mix Tape ~ Sept. 11 ~

So , I feel like I have heard so much good music this week that I couldn't wait until #NewMusicMonday to start sharing . For those gearing up for the weekend here are some tunes for you to consider adding to your playlist .

Starting with Demi Lovatos' cover of Hozier's , "Take Me to Church " . As " Cool for the Summer  " , the first release off Lovato's upcoming album , " Confident " , cools off for fall this will help hold you over until the October release date . No stranger for belted vocals Demi does a terrific job in covering this tune . She has said in interviews past that she often sings while running on the treadmill to prepare for bringing the same vocals to her road show as she does her recorded tracks . Just a little fun fact for ya before you start thinking to yourself , " I could totally do that " . If you thought walking and chewing gum was hard , try working a full stage whilst holding big notes . " My lovers got humor . She's the giggle at a funeral . "

To get more info on " Confident " click here .

Next , you legitimately NEED this redo and duo on your play list . Like . NEEEEEEEEED it . When Willie Nelson asks if you want to cut one of his say yes . As did Kacey Musgraves when he made the offer to her . Along with cutting the record he offered to sing on it w Musgraves as well . I would imagine while playing it cool on the outside she totally geeked on the inside . I would've . As expected , nothing less that awesome came from this collab . Yesterday was a rainy , don't feel good , booh on all things kind of day and this song was my sound track . That might bode poorly for this tune , but I see it as a compliment . It's like the friend you know you don't have to clean your house for before they come over . It's comfort . It's familiar .  It hits the nail right on the head . It's if tears had words these would be them . It almost feel wrong to listen to it on anything other than vinyl . " Please don't let my tears persuade you . I had hoped I wouldn't cry . Lately tear drops seem a part of me . "

Kacey Musgraves & Willie Nelson - " Are You Sure "

This morning I woke up with Tori Kelly's " It Should've Been Us " stuck in my head . I have had that one line repeating all day . So , I was extra stoked to see that Kelly joined one of my fave country groups , Little Big Town , last night at their show in Cali . There is a youtube video of the collaboration I just for some reason suddenly can't find it . This is Kelly's performance from the VMA's which was actually one of the best performances of the night as far as staying on point musically/vocally . " Walking round with my head down , but I can't hide with these high heels on " .

Tori Kelly - VMA - " Should've Been Us "

Rae Lynn - " For a Boy "
So , I go back and forth with Rae Lynn . One minute I am all , YESSSSS . Such twang . So country ! Yessss !!! And then I get all , NOOOO . She is too young . Don't tell me about love and heart break lil' missy . But , " For a Boy " has me back in her corner . I just like it . I can't even help it . I mean , it's the words we all think when debating falling for a boy . They make us crazy . They make us do things we'd never normally do . WE CAN'T EVEN HELP IT !!! It also high lights our suitors strengths . So , Rae Lynn lands on my music for the weekend mix tape . " For a boy , your heart is pretty see through " . For more of Rae's tunes click here .

I think rounding out a mix tape with a little Dierks Bentley is always a good idea . "Bourbon in Kentucky " was actually the first release off of " Riser ", Bentley's most recent album . The song didn't get much traction with radio so they moved on to other tunes like " Drunk on a Plane " , " Say You Do " , " I Hold On " , & " Riser " . All great songs , but I LOVE " Bourbon in Kentucky " and do NOT get why it didn't get the radio air it should've . I mean , turn it up as loud as it will go and sing it at the top of my lungs driving down the two lane , LOVE !!!! I hope that you love it too . Dierks is finishing up his headlining Sounds of Summer tour with Kip Moore , Maddie & Tae & Cannan Smith ( pretty sure I spell his first name different every time I write it)  to find out where you can catch them click here . " Once you've had the best , nothing else will do " .

Dierks Bentley - "Bourbon in Kentucky " fr "Riser" 

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