Monday, September 7, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Sept. 7th ~ Happy Labor Day !! ~

Kip Moore - " Girl of the Summer " fr "Wild Ones"
#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is on a bit of a delay today due to 1 . The Holiday and 2 . A wicked migraine that makes me wanna rip my ears off . Good news , that feeling is fading and I can now see straight enough to share some sweet tunes .

As we say good bye to the summer I am fittingly starting #NewMusicMonday with ‪#‎KipMoores‬ ‪#‎GirloftheSummer‬ from his newest album ‪#‎WildOnes‬. Because yes , I was serious about exposing you to EVERY track from the new album . Anyway , this is one of the teaser vids from #LifeinRewind ‬. I think it is so perfect and fits so well w the song . Happy listening !!

You can learn more about Kip Moore and when he may be in your town by clicking here .

Clare Dunn - "Move On"

Next on the ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ list is ‪#‎ClareDunn‬. I have nothing but mad respect for female guitarist . I mean , I respect the other females too , but electric has been such a male dominated thing that when a chick rocks , it seems no one knows what to do with it .

Dunn is one of CMTs ‪#‎WomentoWatch‬ and ‪#‎NextWomenofCountry‬. I first heard of her in another artists interview . After checking out some of her tunes and watching some interviews I think I have a ‪#‎GirlCrush‬ as ‪#‎LittleBigTown‬ would say.  Clare has only been playing guitar for about 6 years and in my opinion surpasses some of her male counter parts in the skill and style department . Hailing from a small town in Colorado w a population of less than 40 , she is a great example of dreaming big and making it come true .

This is the first "official" vid produced for what will hopefully end up being an album . I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this track . I have no doubt there is going to be MUCH more to see from Clare Dunn in the future .

P. S. ALL THE SINGLE LADIES tired of waiting on that shy guy to make his move , this is the tune to "accidentally" have on when you leave the room . 😉

" I got plenty of em', I don't need more friends "

You can learn more about Clare Dunn by clicking here .

Dierks Bentley - "Riser " fr "Riser"
Last on todays list for ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is ‪#‎DierksBentley‬'s, ‪#‎Riser‬, off the album of the same name . Dierks is easily one of my favorite writers getting air time right now . Usually bringing some humor with his truth this is a more stoic departure since "Drunk on a Plane" or even "Say You Do". This is the 4th or 5th release from #Riser and a perfect way to head into a new season .

The video was inspired by , tells the story of and features one of Bentley's fans and her families struggle to find a way out of hard times . If you get the chance you should ‪#‎Youtube‬ the behind the scenes clip for this one . It is well worth 3 or 4 minutes of your day .

It seems like in todays times everyone is struggling in one way or another . I don't know about you , but this tune helps remind me of what I am capable of and that no one and/or nothing can keep you down when you are meant to rise back up . As summer turns to fall let this one inspire you to be a #Riser !!!

" When push comes to shove I'm a fighter "

Dierks is on the tail end of the Sounds of Summer tour with Kip Moore , Caanan Smith , and Maddie and Tae , to catch one of the last shows or to research future shows you can click here .

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