Friday, October 4, 2013

Belated Birthday Update

In my post "Happy My Birthday" , I said that I was going to work on being more positive about this amazing blessing of living another year . In recent years it has for some reason been difficult for me to truly enjoy my birthday . I also asked you , my friends, to help hold me accountable to this task and you have . My birthday was so wonderfully blessed . It started the weekend before my b-day when I had to make an impromptu trip to Chatt-Vegas . I got to celebrate with some of my favorite people . It was the perfect way to begin birthday week . Yes, my b-day now gets it's own week . A day simply isn't enough to boast on all that God does throughout a year .

My handsome lunch date while in Chatt . Rett !!
All my b-day #hashtags were titled #braggingontheblessings & #myfriendsarecoolerthanyours . In a attempt to keep my word and be positive I thought that sharing via #hashtag, instagram & FB what God was doing each day to help me along would be the best way .
The Lord truly heard my prayer and answered it . As I said the week began celebrating with friends in Chattanooga , on my actual B-day I had lunch with Mom & my G'parents , and since my birthday I have gotten to celebrate with other family and friends at varied times . Miss Bridget is right in her birthday motto , "I'll celebrate as long as you want to celebrate me ". AHAHA!! Even just today I got to have lunch with one of my High School besties to celebrate .
My friends are undeniably creative. This is the return label on
a birthday gift I received in the mail.

Now that Birthday-Palooza is slowing down, I am getting to just be grateful . Grateful that God cares enough about me to hear my prayers, no matter how big or small and answers them . Grateful for thoughtful , kind and giving friends/family . Grateful for a year passed and the year yet to come . So, for possibly the last time this year, Happy My Birthday .How do you celebrate each year ?! Is there a tradition ? Something new each year ? Or do you like to just let the day pass by ? Either way ,  I hope you have a wonderful B-day too !!!!

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