Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween ! I am one who loves fall and the fun costumes, candy and decorations that come with it . And getting to combine my love of costumes and candy, I mean how can you go wrong ? I'm glad you asked . Today I was at my grandparents going through coupons and some how we got onto the topic of Halloween . It lead to a most awesome Papaw story that had me rolling . Apparently when my mom, uncle and aunt where little one Halloween Mamaw put Papaw in charge of taking the kids trick-or-treating while she stayed home to hand out candy . 
She said that not too long after sending them out Papaw came home minus the kids saying , "Thelma where are them kids ?" . I had such a picture in my head of big navy man papaw escorting three little, dressed up kids around the neighborhood only to loose them in the sea of costumed children . I was laughing so hard . Never fear, luckily the children returned home candy in hand . The story was made a bit more hilarious because a similar debacle happened at the beach . Papaw had a kid on each arm, everyone with life jackets on when a huge wave knocks them all down . Papaw comes up out of the water minus the children only to look to Mamaw on the beach and say , "Thelma, where are those kids ?!". I can't even hear these stories and not laugh . Papaw lets them be told very graciously. I think many a man wouldn't let such hilarity come at their expense . Yet another example of why my Papaw is so awesome ! And again , no body panic , the kids where bobbing up and down in the water safe and sound , life vest and child in tact .

Whenever I see dads out on their own or with the children I get entertained . They really look so helpless for the most part and is if they've been ambushed by their most trusted teammate , their wife . My favorite is Christmas time watching them try to shop . My heart goes out to them . It really does, but rarely enough to help them . So, when your man comes home with a beautifully wrapped box full of socks you can blame me a little too . I would've steered him into the silk pj's, but watching them search through the sock pile with such hope was just too glorious to stop .

Got any funny Halloween stories ? Do you enjoy dressing up , giving out candy and decorating for fall festivities ? What's your favorite costume you've gotten to wear so far ? I'd love to hear about them . Feel free to share !

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