Friday, October 4, 2013

Do Something Nice

Today as I was marking things off of my "to-do" list in my planner I noticed that tomorrow is "Do Something Nice Day". We all know I love a theme event as well as random acts of kindness so, imagine my excitement when they combine !!! I think "Do Something Nice Day" is a perfect opportunity for those of you that are working on getting out of your comfort zones, random acts of kindness as well as just loving those you love . If you google "Do Something Nice Day" there are several different links with ideas . Here are a few posts of my own to help you get creative....

Brownie Goodness
SHH Baby Sleeping
Creative Pay It Forward
Coupon Care Package
Didn't Cost Much

I hope you have a wonderful "Do Something Nice Day" . I would love to hear what you did to celebrate !!!

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