Tuesday, October 29, 2013

From Me to You and From You to Who ?

I love a personal note. The idea that a book could go
through so many hands and with each pass along one leaves a
note, date or passage highlighted, to me makes it feel like a shared
experience though some readers may never cross paths .
In my posts "Happy My Birthday" and "Belated Birthday Update" I wrote about my hopes, plans, fears and surprise blessings for/from this years birthday . One of the surprise blessings came in the form of several books . In all truth I have yet to start reading either of them, but I have been skimming and preparing myself . When I start reading a book I want to be able to focus on it alone . If I am already reading another book then I have to finish it before I can move onto the next one . I can't help it . It may make me a nerd . It's just who I am . It's just how I roll .
Previous to receiving these books I had mailed several books that I had finished and loved to a few friends . I wrote a little something on the inside or included a note of some sort . I didn't send these at random with a note that said , "read this you need some Jesus" or anything like that . I sent them to folks that had read or heard from me personally how these books had been working in my life along with my devotional time and so they showed interest in reading them as well . Somewhat as a branch off of my post , "Selfish, This Isn't For You", it is my humble opinion when we find truth and bond with the words someone else has boldly shared either in written form or in a speaking/conference setting it is our job, our duty to pass along that truth and why we bonded to it . It is what we are to do with the Gospel that was given to us from His Word and I believe that as believers when coming across other tools that help grow , ground , and guard us when it comes to the truth found in the Word it is just as vital to pass that along too . So, all that said these two books made for very special gifts to me .
I'm all about building a personal library, but let's be real , some books you will never read again and some books are meant for passing along . I am excited to read the books my friends passed along to me . Especially knowing that they gleamed something affirming , encouraging and insightful themselves . What do you have that you could pass along to someone else ? Have you gotten a book from a friend that really hit the nail on the head ?


  1. Can't wait to hear what you learn for this book! It taught me so much and drew me so much closer to the Father...