Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Free Shutterfly Prints = Mail Inspiration

(I am not paid by Shutterfly .
I am simply a highly impressed customer and want
to recommend them to other photo & craft enthusiast.)
This morning started off with several fun free surprises that have gotten me ahead on Christmas crafts , gift ideas and what not . As I wrote in my post , "Earn When You Spend" , there are many benefits to taking a few minutes to input those free codes found under the cap of your soda , sent as a thank you from a photo order or printed in the box of cereal . Today was one of those days for me and I thought that I would share one of those amazing deals with you to help you get started on your "Holiday To-Do's" . This Shutterfly deal ends November 1st at midnight so be sure to get your order in before then . Simply click on  or follow the links on to begin the process of downloading up to 101 free prints . You will have to pay shipping, but it is still an amazing deal . I have used these types of free codes to print pictures for framing, scrapbooking and to use as postcards . Yes! Did you know that a 4x6 can be mailed as a post card ?!! If you are debating what kind of Christmas card to send this could be your answer . I've also thought they are cute for thank you's ,  birth , event or even new address announcements . I mean how cute would it be to print a pic of your new place to send as a post card not only announcing your new address, but showing your friends/family your newest residence ?!! There are post card "kits" at certain stores that you can adhere your photo to that provide a pre-printed spot for address, note , stamp, etc. I have used these kits before , they are real handy and make the photo a bit more sturdy, but you don't have to have them to mail the pic as a post card .

I have used Shutterfly for many projects . They are amazing at rewarding their customers with "Freebies" and "Discounts" throughout the year . They are also good with customer service . I had a order of address labels never arrive and they immediately offered to reprint and resend the order at no cost to me . No, I don't work for Shutterfly, but sometimes I wish I did . LOL!!!

Anyway , I hope that this little pass-a-long of info helps you with a project . Do you have any out of the box, creative , or surprising ideas for this Holiday season ?! Please feel free to share them with us !!

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