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~ New Music Monday ~ June 12th, 2017 ~ CMT Awards 2017 ~

Oh. My. Stars. It has been so long since we have discussed music together!!! So much to cuss and discuss, but we will start with the CMT Awards and CMA Fest both occurring last week in Nash. Let's begin with CMT Awards, if you follow me on socials you already have an idea of what I liked and what I didn't.

Miranda Lambert - "Pink Sunglasses"
fr "The Weight of These Wings"
As I already mentioned in a past post, a lot of the twitter-sphere was not pleased with Queen Ran's song choice for the awards show. My thing is this, music isn't all about emotional cutting. Ok?! Sometimes, music is just for fun-sies. I know, confusing for many, but true none the less. Girl was performing once again at an awards show her ex was also performing at. Her last two awards show performances have been rather heavy as she performed "Vice" and "Tin Man". Twas 'bout time for something fun and the CMT awards are just the place for that. It was fun. It was sassy. It was appropriate for the event. All that said, All Hail Queen Ran and her pink sunglasses, which she had handed out to the audience for her performance. It was fun to see Jada Pinket Smith mouthing along to the lyrics while rocking a pair of pink sunglasses.
Next, performance wise, I'd like to highlight Keith and Carrie's slow down of their current hit, "The Fighter". Unexpected, but perhaps the third or fourth time the duo has performed this one on live t.v. So, I can totally see why they would want to change it up a bit. And all in all, I vote the change up worked. It was slower, more of a romantic vibe in comparison to the usual upbeat 90's esq vibe the original cut has. Fighter was written for Nicole, Urbans wife and so the slow down is kinda suiting as she was in the audience cheering him on. It was a night of fun, rockin', dance tunes and "The Fighter" was a nice addition in the form of a instrumental slow dance. Keith and Carrie both won awards for "The Fighter", but also for their individual offerings. Carrie took home best female video for "Church Bells" and Keith took best men's vid for "Blue Ain't Your Color". These, I think are both upsets to folks that have been sweeping other awards like Miranda, Thomas Rhett, FGL, etc. All together I support these wins.

Charles Kelly, Jason Aldean and Darius Rucker
Allman Tribute - Show Open
Truly, one of the performance highlights of the night was the Allman Tribute that opened the show. I seriously think this may be the very best I have heard Aldean perform on a awards show. This trio hit all the notes proper and it was just a stellar performance all around. LOVED IT!!!! Often a tribute at the beginning of a show for an artist lost can be a vibe downer, but this didn't do that. It was beautiful and totally a good call for the opening. It gave respect to the artist lost and gave the show, which is a fun, fan voted environment, permission to continue on in high spirits.

Thomas Rhett did not win any trophies', but he arrived with one on his arm. Lauren Akins is one of the pretties pregnant people ever. It simply isn't fair!!! She looked gorge!!!! I think while he did not win an award he still went home with a prize. Cheesy as it may sound and I have loved watching their intro into parenthood with beautiful Willa Grey. I can only imagine things are going to get more entertaining once baby #2 arrives. Rhett performed his current single, "Craving You" which features Maren Morris on BGVs. Morris was absent from the show and shared via social media she was at a separate venue supporting her main man, Ryan Hurd. While I am disappointed she wasn't there to perform with Rhett I totally think it is cool that she would pass on that opportunity to show side stage support to her man while he rocked a venue. That's just sweet.

Thomas Rett - "Craving You"

I'm kinda in a place where Maren can do no wrong and while I wasn't a huge Rett fan in the beginning I am starting to come around. The official video for "Craving You" is one of the many reasons why. I love, LOVE, when an artist takes a risk with something like this. It is a vid that toss's a small curve ball near the end, but I think it was so well done and is so fun. Maren, to no one's surprise, is a total BA and Rett is adorably believable as a bumbling undercover 5-0. I LOVE this video!!!!! It cracks me up, entertains me, and delivers the song. Two thumbs up from this video watchin' couch potato.

I thought that Lauren Alaina's win for break out artist vid was well deserved. Alaina you recall was runner up on the season of American Idol that Scotty McCreary won. Alaina has been pounding the pavement as an opening artist, she has released several singles, but her most current effort, "The Road Less Traveled" has brought her, her first movie role, #1 single, and CMT award. To say she is currently in the fast lane is a understatement. I really think this chick is gonna be steaming toward Maren Morris status by this time next year. While she isn't a "new" artist per say, she is "new" in the since that she has been working on making a name and is just now starting to get the deserved accolades. I follow Lauren on socials and she cracks me up. She is a loud, go getter who seems to be afraid of very little. I think I relate and that is part of what makes me a fan. She seems to be nothing other than real with her fans making it no surprise to see her win a fan voted award. My hope is that the board voted awards will take note for next year.

Laruen Alaina - "Road Less Traveled"

I was surprised to see FGL take home the duo award as Brothers Oz have been sweeping that category at other shows. But that just goes to show the difference in board voted award shows and fan voted award shows. It should also help to explain why people like Bros. Oz, Chris Stapleton, Cam, etc. are getting nominations, but not air play. It's baffling to me as a music lover, but I also understand how some fans who only listen to what the radio offers would think that is all there is. FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!! Also, one of the many reasons I write this blog. I have friends/fam/followers who love music, but are the kind to only listen in the car. They wanna know what is up, who is who, and all that, but they just don't know how or where to keep up with it all. Enter, New Music Monday.

Kip Moore - "More Girls Like You"
Current Single

Also this week in Nash was CMA Fest, formerly known as Fan Fair. It is a week full of performances big and small where fans get a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite artists. Autographs, first listens, pictures, live shows, fan club parties, and more go on during CMA Fest. Downtown Nash is a zoo and the fans are the zoo keepers, lol!!! Artists are so active on their socials during this week that I don't know that there wasn't one day where my insta stories were empty. Most of them took a good chunk of time to catch up on. Which I loved of course as I was suffering from a legit case of FOMO. I think I have seen a post from nearly every artist I follow on socials about the energy they get from this event, but also the energy they lose from this event. It is a all pistons firing kind of week with a lot of interaction. Fan interaction, interviews, life streams, socials interaction, I mean just thinking of all the talking they've had to do exhausts me. Throw in the heat, crowd, and constant schedule I would think they are all hiding under their covers today if their schedules allow it.

Sam Hunt was set to headline the Taste of Country Concert as apart of the closing to the week, but due to pushing himself vocally all week he was forced to cancel. I love Sam, but I was amped to hear this for the audience, because that moved Kip Moore and the Slow Hearts into the Headlining spot. Which, I feel should have been theirs to begin with. All signs point to Kip rocking the stage, per usual, and socials have been flooded with fan postings of the guys performance. I am truly jelly of that audience. Jelly for many reasons, but this surprise headliner may be my number one reason.

We have so much to discuss since our time apart, but this will be all for today's offering. Coming soon will be posts on Sam Hunt Fans, Miley Cyrus returning to the Country format, Summer Tours, Lady A, Kip Moore, and Stapleton all releasing new tunes. Also, video's from Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne, and Maggie Rose. So, stay tuned!!!!!

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