Wednesday, June 28, 2017

~ Raised on Mary Kay ~

I have shared two reasons via my Insta Story so far as to why I began the Glam Bag Series. In no particular order.....

1. I want to be a resource for those who might not have a resource. I grew up a only child so, I didn't have a big sister to go to with questions, tips, tricks, etc. My mother, grandmother and aunts were/are all beautiful and super fem with their hair and make-up forever on point. However, when you are 15 you aren't all that willing to listen to what the previous generations have to say about style and trends. Hence the need for a older sister type person. Also, not everyone is comfortable walking up to a make-up counter in a store and asking questions or getting one of those half face make overs. You know the ones I'm talking about?! Lol!!

2. The second reason I have chosen to begin the Glam Bag Series is because of my "flaws". I sometimes think that without them I may fail to exists. I do not have perfect skin. I do not have tons of money or limitless resources. I haven't gone to cosmetology school (yet) and I'm not sponsored (yet) by any one brand. I am just like you. I am trying to figure how to highlight the things I love about myself instead of feeling like I have to cover up the things I hate. Because I am not paid by one specific company my reviews are simply for your benefit, well, and mine, lol!! Since I haven't gone to cosmetology school (yet), I am not trained in a way that isn't like every other girl cruising Youtube looking for a tutorial. I am starting in the same place as many of you when doing my make-up for the day. I haven't been professionally peeled, primped, plucked and what not. The routines, products, tips, tricks, etc. that I share, I try. I let you know what does or doesn't work and why. I also want to share discounts and how to stock your glam bag with out breaking the bank.

3. All that said, who am I and what do I know?! Things you should know about me, as mentioned above I was raised around a group of glamorous females. Even the ones that spent the day in the garden had their nails painted and lip stick on come family get together time. One would have to make an extra effort to not allow some of that to seep in to who they are.
4. Speaking of these glamorous women, most of them were using that Mary Kay and a few of them were selling it. One of my cousins made it to pink Cadillac status. Do you know how envious I was of that car???!!!! A PINK CAR!!!!! I can't!! This cousin had a room in her house devoted to her Mary Kay business. Shelves with rows and rows of organized products and samples. Boxes of discontinued/sample size items that she would let us have something from now and then. Anytime that our family had a get together at this cousins house my very first stop was that room. I would make my younger cousin Erin go with me to stare at all the glam. With several relatives selling and even more using Mary Kay, I was often gifted products by the company for my Birthday, Christmas and even at Graduation. I loved those gifts every time. I still love a gift of cosmetics products, Lol!! Some things just don't change.
5. I'm a fashion magazine hoarder. I have had subscriptions to fashion magazines since I was in high school and my Mamaw got me a subscription to Seventeen. As I have grown up, my magazines have too. I now keep up with Elle, Glamour and InStyle the most. I currently have about five or six years worth of magazines in my guest bedroom. I can't bring myself to recycle them. I keep thinking they'll be something I at some point display somewhere, somehow. Does reading magazines make you a professional cosmetologist?  No. But it sure does help out. Helps with creative inspiration, product reviews, etc. I enjoy seeing how different eye's see products and trends. I currently have a Elle subscription and look forward to it arriving in my mail box every month. It is glamorous kine or brain candy if ever anything thing was.
6. While I am not the kind who HAS to wear make-up to go run errands, etc. I do enjoy wearing make-up. As I mentioned earlier, I think that putting on our make up should be a fun thing. We should feel as though we are highlighting the things we love about ourselves instead of covering the things we don't. I want you to see my posts and think if it worked for her or if she can do that, than so can I. I want to show you something you perhaps haven't heard before that will help stretch your buck and your products. I wanna help safe guard you from products that are all hype. I basically want to be your lab rat. Perhaps lab bunny is more on point w my personality, lol!
7. Lastly, this is just a part of who I am. I think that even if I had not grown up with such beautiful examples and influences around me, I 100% believe I would be as girly as I am. I like pink. I love glitter. Animal print when used in proper amount is adorable. I paint my nails, I wear red lip stick, I use purple eye liner and highlighter is my new favorite product. Putting on make-up is a way for me to be creative as much as writing this blog is. It is self care because it is a few moments where I can focus on myself and not feel like everything is out of  my control. It is all just who I am.

While this is not everything, it is a good dose of me and my why. I hope that it has encouraged you, given you some insight, and inspired you to take some time when doing your glam to enjoy it. To look at it as something you like doing, self care and not something you have to do to feel good about yourself. When you take a minute to love yourself, you are showing other people how to love you and themselves. Treat yourself like trash and others, eventually will to. Even taking five or ten minutes, with the door shut, you sitting in front of a mirror putting on some mascara and gloss is caring for yourself and you shouldn't feel guilty, vain, wasteful, etc. for doing it.
I hope you each have a beautiful rest of the week and get some time to relax and glam over this holiday weekend!! You are loved! Like what you like. Rock what you got. Boldly be uniquely you.


  1. I support you and the pink car status. Let's just spray paint your car pink LU rock style...At night, in our sweats, and order Papa Johns afterwards. ♡♡

  2. How have we not thought of this sooner???!!!!