Monday, August 7, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ August 7th, 2017 ~ August Already??!! ~

Happy August Music Lovers!! How is it already AUGUST???!!!! HOW????!!!!! In my town kids and teachers return to school this week. The Summer time "Yankee's" (its a term of affection 'round these parts) are starting to slow their visits and this weekend you could get from one end of town to the other with out getting stuck in traffic. So, it would seem that Summer is winding down. That doesn't mean that Summer activities such as festivals, tours and new music are slowing down. Oh No!! This month we have The Cadillac Three dropping their second full length studio album, "Legacy". Last Friday, Brett Eldridge dropped his latest, self titled, album and released a new single. September will bring new albums from Thomas Rhett and Kip Moore. All albums are available for pre-order on each artists site. And as you all have been warned, every New Music Monday post leading up to the release of Kip's latest album, "SLOWHEART", will have a little Kip in it. So, let us start this week there...

Kip Moore has begun the teasing of his fans with varied sound bites, video clips, and concert performances of the tunes that will be on his next album, "SLOWHEART". With each audio visual glimpse I have a new favorite that I can't wait to hear the completed version of. I already feel a certain attachment to "The Bull", but one that keeps replaying in my head uncontrollably is "Plead the Fifth", which I think the clip below may be a teaser for. Today Kip and Life in Rewind both shared the clip with the tease caption that, "something's coming Friday". So, all of us Slow Hearts sit on the edge of our seats awaiting Friday with our phones in hand awaiting those weekly texts. Suspiciously and I am sure intentionally, Moore nor Brown shared the sound that goes with the clip, leaving us all guessing. I suppose we will find out Friday!!! SLOWHEART is available for pre-order now at Kip's web page!

~ Kip Moore Social Media Post August 7th, 2017 ~

Kip Moore - "Plead the Fifth"
Thanks to a Canadian fan I was able to find this little clip of a show performance of "Plead the Fifth". I couldn't find a name to give credit so, if this is yours drop me a DM and let me know who to thank properly. I hope this concert clip only sparks your fire even further for the release of "SLOWHEART"!! I know it has mine!
Along with all the other new music dropping this month one of my new favorites, Jillian Jacqueline released a new single, "God Bless this Mess". Below you will find the lyric video. I do not know where she has been hiding or why it took me so long to find her, but so far I am loving every track I get my hands on from this artist. I think that you should consider her one to watch. IDK I would put her in the country genre category, but genre's are so intermixed these days I'm unsure it even matters anymore. Give Jillian a listen and go add her tunes to your Spotify, iTunes, etc.

Jillian Jacqueline - "God Bless This Mess"

Brett Eldredge - "The Long Way"
I can't recall if we have ever shared a Brett Eldredge tune on New Music Monday, but I think that with his album drop this weekend, now is a good place to start. Above you will find "The Long Way", the newest single off of Eldredge's latest, self titled album. I have not listened to the entire album yet, but to quote Blake Shelton's Twitter, "You only name the album after yourself if you know it's damn good!!". Eldredge is a bit of a country music Sinatra with his blue eyes, sharp suits, and charming ways. I think his music is something that stands away from the crowd in the sense that he isn't singing about being in the mud, driving a truck, a girl in jean shorts, or wearing a cow boy hat and boots, etc. Well, not on his most recent albums at least, lol!!! Give "The Long Way" a listen and then purchase Brett's newest album, available now everywhere.
Speaking of Blake Shelton, he just recently scored his 24th Number One with, "Every Time I Hear That Song", from "Now Hear This". Shelton seems to be juggling a lot when it comes to entertainment. Still a coach on NBC's The Voice, still forever in the gossip mags for who he is dating, doing some light touring, festival stops, single and video drops I'm unsure when he sleeps. I like Blake. I like some of his past music a lot. I like his sarcastic way of speaking his opinions. I like that he has in the past written for other artists, Hello Toby Keith's, "Lets Talk About Me". But, right now, while I realize that in the grander picture he very much is considered a face of the country music genre, I feel like he has become another cog in the machine of the music/entertainment industry. DJ's get the music, see the name, and play it automatically with out consideration. There are artists that get to a certain peak in their career, it would seem, where this happens and it really annoys me. It is kinda like music industry tenure. They no longer have to fear losing their job or looking for another one ever again. They have enough green backs banked that they can say yes and no to whatever they choose. They can phone in a performance or even an album with out putting a breath of personal experience and creativity into it. I suppose "that's just the way it goes", but I don't care for it!!! Like I said, I like Blake!! I just hope that in all that he is doing to be the country music version of Dean Martin with all his multitasking, I hope that he has not given up writing for himself or caring about what kind of project he is putting out there.

Blake Shelton - "Every Time I Hear That Song"
fr "Now Hear This"
And I'm not against artists using other writers to convey their thoughts, but I mean, for the entire album??!!! IDK. Maybe that is just me. Well, I hope that you have a beautiful end to your Summer and beginning of Back to School season!! New Music Monday will be back next week with more tunes, recommendations, etc. 

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