Monday, July 25, 2016

~New Music Monday ~ July 25th, 2016 ~ Girls With Guitars~

Happy New Music Monday music lovers!!!!! I hope that y'all found a way to keep cool this crazy hot weekend that just passed. It is still blazing hot where I am and I am very much longing for Fall. I know, I know, typical white girl with her pumpkin spice everything and Mumford and Sons playing while the leaves fall. I can't even help it y'all.

This weeks #NewMusicMonday is dedicated to chicks who rock!!!! So, let's get right to it.

Starting this week with Clare Dunn's newest release, "Tuxedo" off of her EP. "Tuxedo" is a tune dedicated to the guys who are hard working, non-suit wearing, out in the sun all day kind of men. It's an ode to her type of guy. Dunn grew up on a farm and still Instagram's while working in the fields and on the farm in her off time. I kinda think that is super cool of her. I mean, how easy would it be to just rest on the hype of a burgeoning career and bail on physical labor like that?! Give "Tuxedo" a listen and start requesting it with your local radio. It is already charting on the GAC and CMT top twenty video countdowns!!! If you haven't down loaded Clare's EP you should do that as well!!

Next on our #GirlsWithGuitars edition of #NewMusicMonday is Lindsay Ell. I doubt you have heard her yet on the radio, but she is someone I would recommend keeping an eye on. A stellar guitarist Ell has performed solo gigs as well as shows with The Raging Idiots, a band formed by radio personality Bobby Bones. So, if you haven't seen or heard her yet get ready. She is beautiful and talented so it really is just a matter of a moment until she starts moving up charts and taking over video countdowns. I have been following Lindsay on social media for a little while and she comes across as a genuine person with a real passion for her craft. Something I greatly admire in a female singer/writer/player/performer.

Third on this weeks list is none other than Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie has opened her newest album with a cover of INXS, "Need You Tonight". And in only the smooth way Bonnie can, she nails it. Sexy, sultry, on point and true to its original form she covers this jam perfectly in my opinion. She is Bonnie Raitt for heavens sake. Tell me what she can't make cool!!! Bonnie is someone I would recommend you follow on social media as well. You might find that surprising, but she posts some good stuff on Insta and often shares last minute gigs or for example she did a in store gig on National Record Store day. That had to be a cool environment to hear her in. Give her cover a listen and head over to your social media and follow her.

Lastly, ALL HAIL QUEEN RAN!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, did you really expect it to be anyone else with the release of "Vice" last week??!! Upcoming record title still unannounced, currently trekking between two major tours, surprise Pistol Annie reunion and sister drops a new single in the middle of it all. A AMAZING new single at that. I have been watching the few interviews that are currently out about this new release and it would seem Lambert has kept everything on this new record close. Not doing a lot of sharing so, she was hesitant on how folks would respond once the single dropped. Sister, I hope you have no further hesitations cause you NAILED IT. I find this tune to be different, truthful, creative, boundary testing (in a good and needed way), and all together a hit not a miss. For those of you that haven't heard it yet, get your head out of the RNC and DNC and check out what's really important like new music. LOL!!! JK!! JK!!! Everyone calm down.

ALL of these tunes are somewhat new and have yet to take over radio. CALL, TWEET, INSTA, TEXT, FB, or even SNAIL MAIL in your requests to your local radio stations. It takes a second and you are probably already on your phone anyway. Hope you have a chill week, in every way. Check y'all next week with another #NewMusicMonday!!!

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