Friday, July 8, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ On Friday ~ Fly Away with The Cadillac Three ~

Happy FriYay to you all!!! It is dark, thundering and I am just waiting on that first drop of rain to fall. I had a rough night and today has been nothing but one #MigraineBrain moment after another. I've been trying to write this little post for over an hour. I don't know if it's my #MigraineBrain or actual technical difficulties slowing me down.

I have this weeks #NewMusicMonday written and scheduled to post on Monday afternoon. On my latest post you will find a new track from the super cool, The Cadillac Three, titled "Drunk Like You". August 5th they are dropping their new album, "Bury Me In My Boots", which is available for pre-order now via iTunes or head to their website by clicking HERE. On August 1st the trio will be doing a performance/recording for the PBS program, "Front and Center". If you have ever watched one of these episodes then you already know that I am not exaggerating when I call them an outstanding opportunity to hear stories from your favorite artists, singers and writers about their tunes, travels and collaborations. The episodes I have seen are a chilled out and intimate settings giving way not just for great music sharing, but also for great story sharing. In honor of their upcoming album drop and this performance with "Front and Center", The Cadillac Three are doing a "Fly Away" give away for one lucky fan and their friend. I have OF COURSE entered and plan to continue too in whatever way I can.

One of the ways that you can help me get more entries in is a way that would get you an entry in the drawing as well. Just follow my personal link by clicking HERE and it will give us each entries into the drawing. Simple as that!!!!! Thank you in advance for those of you that will follow my personal link and get us both entered into the drawing. A trip to NY and a Cadillac Three performance sound like the perfect mini-vacation to me.

Stay tuned for future #NewMusicMonday posts!!!! AND don't forget to be requesting TC3's new single with your local radio stations!!!

The Cadillac Three - "Graffiti"
fr "Bury Me in My Boots"
Coming August 5th

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