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~ New Music Monday ~ August 1st, 2016 ~ Catch Up ~

Happy New Music Monday to you all!! Last weeks #NewMusicMonday consisted of Instagram updates from past posts. If you'd like to keep up with The Faith Journals and #NewMusicMonday please feel free to follow me on Insta for updates, quick posts, etc. You can do so by following this link HERE to my page and clicking the follow button. For those that aren't currently following me on Insta lets do a quick little catch up..........

Last week boasted two new videos, one album release and another spot further up the charts for some of our favorite artists. Starting with RaeLynn. Several weeks ago #NewMusicMonday posted a clip from a live performance of Rae's newest single, "Love Triangle". This past Monday the "official" vid was released. This tune hits home for me in many ways and I was very curious as to how it would get played out in video form. I must say, the team for this did not disappoint. I am fairly certain I cried start to finish. I think this is a beautiful song and it now has a beautiful video to go along with it. Give it a watch and a listen and decide for yourself. For me, it is a thumbs up and a pat on the back to RaeLynn and her creative team for this one. Great Job!!!!

RaeLynn - "Love Triangle"
Maren Morris - "80's Mercedes"
fr "Hero"
Next, one of The Faith Journals favorites, Maren Morris. Her second single from "Hero", "80's Mercedes" was announced about a month ago. Seeing as this is one of my many favorites from the album I was super excited to hear it would be a single and once again found my self very curious as to how they would portray this tune visually. For me, it is a bright blast of high school nostalgia of cruising through town with your besties while rocking some killer tunes. I read a post earlier this week from Maren stating she was able to fly her child hood bestie out to be apart of the video. I think that is super fun and so cool!!! Makes it all that more nostalgic for me. I don't know that most would use the word nostalgic with a upbeat tune, but I am. So, throw on your pink Ray Bans, turn up the speakers and roll down the windows and give "80's Mercedes" a test drive.
Mean while back on the ol' radio charts, Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts have moved up another position with "Running For You" from the "Wild Ones" album. "Running For You", in October I believe, will have been out for a year and the fact that it has taken this long for it to get close to Top Ten status continues to completely baffle me. It's a solid tune through and through and I know that all the Die Hard's adore it and sing it back to the guys at the live shows. So, I truly can't figure out if it is radio politics, not enough actual fan support put into action instead of just talk, or what?! Either way I am still making calls to my local radio and requesting it often. I love this tune and would just adore seeing it get Top Ten status. Any Die Hard's out there with me??!!! Let's stop all this talkin' and put a little action into it. Mkay?!
Kip Moore - "Running For You"
fr "Wild Ones"
The Cadillac Three @ Abbey Road - "The South"
fr "Bury Me In My Boots"
Lastly in this weeks game of catch up, we have The Cadillac Three. Friday was the official release of the groups second studio album titled, "Bury Me In My Boots". A stellar offering of southern country rock if ever there was one. It's gonna be a while before I can settle into a favorite, but I thought I would share a tune that is at the moment at least, not a single. "The South" is a anthem of sorts and I think that getting the opportunity to lay it down at the famous and legendary Abbey Road in the UK kinda gives it all the street cred it will ever need, radio play or not. Jaren Johnstons lead vocals on any tune are completely perfect for this tune. These guys, while compared to other southern rock artists, are truly an act all their own. With every tune I become a bigger and bigger fan of them and the music they are sharing with everyone. If you don't have "Bury Me In My Boots" go ahead and run out at get it. Even better you can order the in hand copy on Amazon and receive a instant digital copy. So, no waiting on rocking out!!!! I mean, I don't know of a better deal. If you are into autographs, vinyl, etc. I would recommend you head over to the guys web site by clicking HERE . They have a variety of offerings for "Bury Me In My Boots" that are official online merch store available only.
Alright gang, I think you know what I am about to say....I mean type. All four of these tunes genuinely deserve radio play and top rankings on video count downs. So, get to that requesting and voting ASAP!!!! Like, right now. Like, why are you still reading this, it will be here after you request and vote and you can finish reading it then. Call, text, tweet, insta, fb, or even snail mail in your requests to your local radio. Every request makes a difference for these tunes and these artists. Also, if you do not have Maren Morris' "Hero", Kip Moore's "Wild Ones" , The Cadillac Three's "Bury Me In My Boots" then you need to correct that right about now. RaeLynn has yet to announce a upcoming album title or release date. So, for now you could down load "Love Triangle" to help a sister out.
Hope you had a wonderful first week of August!!!!

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