Monday, August 22, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ August 22nd, 2016 ~ Things That Bug Me ~

Happy New Music Monday fellow Music Addix. I hope that you are enjoying a humidity free day as we are in my neck of the woods. I can't believe that it is already mid August, that people are back to school, and that Fall is around the corner. I've been doing some looking back through old year books, past posts, etc. and I am tripping out on how time moves. How is it that time goes so quickly?! It is one of the things I'm adding to the "things that bug me" list. It joins people who click finger nails together, people who don't discipline their children and unleash them on the public, and folks that selfie on the daily. I appreciate a good selfie when the time is right, but every day?!? Too much! This list is what inspires this weeks #NewMusicMonday. Things that bug me musically, lyrically, so on, so forth.

I am beginning with one of my current favorite songs, Dierks Bentley, "Different for Girls" feat. Elle King. I know that when singing a tune we all have those moments of just taking our best guess at what some of the lyrics may be. I mean, if you've ever listened to a Bob Dylan song ever then you have experienced this stress. I also find myself stressed when I feel a lyric isn't right, as in it wasn't written right. That's right, I'm not the writer or even the performer, but for some reason these kinds of things really bug me. Dierks, I apologize in advance, but in "Different for Girls", a song that I LOVE by the way, there is a line that says, "when the goin' gets tough yea the guys they can just act tough". It totally bugs me that they used the word "tough" twice. When I perform this tune in the car I replace the first "tough", with "rough". Just makes more sense to me. Give the tune a listen and tell me what you think .

This next one hurts. You know my admiration for Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts so, I hope that no one gets all ridiculous over my small edit. "Something 'Bout A Truck" one of Kips #1's has the line, "with an ice cold beer pressed against her lips in that farmers field, will make a boy a mess". I can't explain to you why my brain works the way it does. All I can do is my best to appease it when these things happen. LOL!!! I usually give it a lolly pop or a Dr. Pepper. Anyway, When I hear the line, "make a boy a mess", what I want to hear is "makes a boy a man". I don't know why??!!! But it is literally what my brain chooses to hear instead of "mess" Every. Single. Time. Don't get mad Kip, I can't even help it. Also, we all know how you get hung up on lines now and then so don't let this throw you off your game. Ya know, a once you hear it you can't unhear it kind of thing.

O.K. I like Brad Paisley. I like Demi Lovato. I like their voices, writing, performances, the way they seem to handle fame. I like it. I like it all. Which makes it even harder for me to decode my dislike for "With Out a Fight". It is my understanding that after the "I Heart...." awards earlier in the Spring, you know, the awards show that aired at the same time as the ACM's where I believe some sort of deal was struck to trade Brad for Nick Jonas, it was at that awards show that the duo decided on this collab. I don't know if it is my hesitancy for mix genre collaborations, the fact I'm still annoyed that a tradesies was made for the ACM's, the fact it isn't Carrie Underwood or if it is simply irrational "I don't like it just cause I don't like it". Whatever it is I surely have tried really hard, but I just don't dig it. Give the tune a listen and a watch and report back. Sorry Brad and Demi, please know I love you both.....individually.

~ Lyric Vid ~

Lastly on the "Things That Bug Me" topic for this week is Justin Bieber. Yup, I said it, Justin Bieber. I have never been a Bielieber or whatever it is the fans call themselves. Call me psychic or just that we have all been here before, but I felt even in his earliest years as a innocent looking little kid from Canada, that we would probably end up where we are today with his attitude and public behavior. First the Biebs reportedly tells his fans to no longer approach him for a picture in public. That it makes him feel like a zoo animal. I guess I shouldn't call that the first b/c there was the unregistered monkey in another country, the stopping a performance and asking the fans to stop clapping because they are off beat and it's messing him up, numerous encounters with paparazzi, the egging in his neighborhood, numerous noise complaints, the driving dangerously (which I think also happened in another country....or maybe that was Miami), anyway, this will just be another addition to this douche bags list of doucheiness. Most recently the 'artist" threatened to close out his Instagram due to the hate his newest female friend was receiving after he posted hand holding pictures, out and abouts, looking all lovey dovey, and you know the drill. Anyway, the fans reacted as fans sometimes do. They got jealous and perhaps thinking that he wouldn't notice or care, they posted their disapproval, heart break, and flat out new girl hate via his Insta comment section. In response Justin told the fans that if they didn't chill he would close the account. He then proceeded to post from his manager, Scooter Brauns account. Am I literally the only person who thinks, "go ahead and close the dern account"??!!! I mean, WTF???!!!! Who even cares?!!! I mean other than the obsessive fans that is. Which all artists have and many artists appease with pictures, autographs, and in sharing their lives via social media. I mean, does this child realize he has what he has because of fans. Had he not the fan base he does, no one would even be cruising his social media. I just can't even. If I continue I may break my key board I'm typing so angrily. So, I'll just say, is too late to say sorry. Delete your accounts. Go off the grid. Whatever, just stop with your douchery!!!!! BTW do you hang out with Ryan Lochte cause I'm thinking you guys would have a blast together.

What bugs you?! What lyrics do you get twisted? Please feel free to share in the comment section below. Loves Y'all!!! Happy New Music Monday!!!!!!

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