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~ New Music Monday ~ August 8th, 2016 ~ Throw Back ~ To ~ School ~

Hey Gang!!!! My weather ap is telling me that it is going to rain every day this week. Most people would be completely bummed by that prediction, but not me. I adore rainy days!! And what my weather ap is really telling me is that there will be some superb opportunities to listen to music this week while the rain drops onto my tin roof. GLORY!!!

This week #NewMusicMonday wants' to do a little #ThrowBack in honor of Back-To-School season. Two weekends ago was tax free weekend in my state and every one began stocking up on all those obvious school essentials. Back pack, pencils, crayons, book covers, etc. and I would like to add one more necessity for getting our students amped about Back-To-School and another year of living, learning and moving forward. Yes, I wanna celebrate moving throwing it back. Musically of course. With all the hype around back to school, the release of Maren Morris' "80's Mercedes", and the possible return of the choker I can't even control my sentimental heart. I'm thinking about the excitement that surrounds back-to-school clothes, supplies, and returning to class with a fresh tan. I'm thinking about the tunes that I listened to while putting on my make-up in the morning before catching the bus. I didn't have a car or license until Senior year so, it was big yellow bus for me. I wish so much that ipods had been a thing back then. AAAHHH!!! Would've made the ride so much more bearable. I'm gonna share some tunes that actually had videos played on MTV during the day because back then it was actually a VIDEO channel not another reality programming network. Where is Kurt Loder these days? I see that Kennedy got a gig over at Fox News and it makes me happy for her....and for me. Every time I see her discuss Isis, the election, or something else currently relevant all I can think of is 1. she still rocks those dark frame glasses like a pro, kids these days would call them "hipster". 2. Remember when your news stories focused on Mariah visiting TRL while presumably coked out and handing everyone ice pops? Is working a Fox News a little like that ?!  Anyway, to the music......

I am starting with No Doubts, "Ex Girlfriend" from the "Return to Saturn" album. The video that made me realize it is possible to dye your hair pink and is therefor responsible for all past and future pink dying's to this brunette. "Return to Saturn" was released in 2000 so, I was already in college and fully in place to sing this tune like a anthem with my Bindi in place see also Gwens third eye, my hair in mouse ear knots on top of my head, and boots with a grunge heel so high I could see clearly from the back row. Gweny you were giving me life back then!!! I have found myself returning to this tune the last few weeks. Some tunes are just worth returning to in a desperate and nostalgic times.

No Doubt - "Ex Girlfriend"
fr "Return to Saturn"
Oasis - "Champagne Supernova"

Released in 1995, Oasis' "Champagne Supernova" was a hit from the get. It's counter parts, "Wonder Wall" and "Don't Look Back in Anger" very well may be some of the top selling tunes in their time. However, sadly, the brothers Galager couldn't seem to keep it together for too much more tunes to be produced. Both going solo and neither hitting the charts as they did as team, I think that throwing it back to the good ol' days is the least I can do for all the memories their tunes have given me. It is distinct from the first note and a tune that instantly transports me back to high school. I will always have a love for Oasis.

Uhm, if you thought this throw back wasn't going to include the Spice Girls then you are SORLY mistaken. Released in 1997 "Wannabe" was the break out for the brit girl band. They literally took over the world with their messages of  "Girl Power", a phrase I chant to this day in the form of a #, their crazy individual styles, and incomparable energy. I believe that all girls from my generation are going to be forever holding our breath for a real true Spice Girl reunion one day. I just don't see how it would NEVER happen. They owe it to us. They owe it to themselves. LOL!!! Zigga Zig AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Third Eye Blind - "Jumper"

"I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend", Third Eye Blind caught us with their ever so catchy and yet ever so naughty, "Semi-Charmed Life", but I think it may be this jam that I hear more often than others when listening to a throw back radio station or am in a elevator.

The only duet the brother sibling duo did since their time as youngsters and the Jackson 5, "Scream" was a 1995 dream come true. With two iconic performers who just so happen to be siblings, with a message and a dance beat that nearly no one could walk away from how could radio not play "Scream". Heck, even Glee has done a cover of it. I'm not sure what is more intriguing and hooking, the fact that it is Michael and Janet, the visual, the sound, I can't even decide, but I am tempted to lean on the iconic super power that is the Jackson siblings.

The 90's also introduced us to this former music teacher, Sheryl Crow. Crow's "Tuesday Night Breakfast Club" propelled her to stardom with the release of it's first track "All I Wanna Do". One of it's later singles, "My Favorite Mistake" is one of my personal favorite tunes from this era. Again, I still find myself returning to it in those times of WTF did I waste time on him.

I am struggling on where to end this particular #NewMusicMonday post. There are endless amazing, iconic and timeless tunes from my back-to-school days to share. This post could quite actually go on forever if I don't stop myself. So, I would encourage you to do a little throw back research, listening and watching of your own. What tunes got or get you amped for "what's next" in your world??!!! Do you have some of the tunes I shared today......on cassette tape in the back of your closet?

Ok, lastly I have decided to share the Cranberries, "Zombie". Mainly because Deloris' vocals are forever on point and secondly she allowed them to paint her gold. So, girl deserves a little throw back attention. I dare you to listen to it and not spend the rest of the evening, under your breath, repeating "zombie zombie eah eah eah in yo heeaadddeeehhh zombie zombie eah eah eah". Dare you.

Hope y'all have enjoyed this musical throw back-to-school New Music Monday post. What are some tunes you listened to or currently listen to while getting ready for school, while riding the bus or walking down the halls to your next class?! I'd love to hear what sends you back in time. Feel free to share in the comments section of the blog!!!

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