Tuesday, November 22, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ November 22nd, 2016 ~ An Attitude of Gratitude ~

~ Sometimes an "Attitude of Gratitude" Takes Work. Yesterday I Had Plans to Meet Up w a Dear Friend, but When I Woke Up with a Migraine My Plans Had to Change. Personally, I Get Very Frustrated When the Abilities of My Body, My Flesh, Do Not Match the Desires of My Heart, & the Plans in My Mind. I've Been Thinking A LOT About Intentions. Things We Want to Do, Things We Plan to Do, Things We Hope to Do & How Sometimes Our Intentions Have to Be Enough. I'm Lucky to Have A Group of Friends Who Are Patient, Understanding & Full of Grace When it Comes to my Health Issues. They Know My Heart Rather Well & Know That When I Bail or Hesitate to Make Plans it is More Often Than Not because My Body Just Won't Collaborate with My Mind and Heart. It is in These Times I Dig Down Deep for My "Attitude of Gratitude". I Could Linger on How I Feel or I Could Thank the Lord for the Beautiful, Understanding & Generous Friends He Has Allowed Me. I Could Pout All Day Over the Things I Can't Get Done or I Can Focus My Energy On The Things I Can. Even When What Can Be Done, is Rest. I Choose to Continue to Make Lists, Plans, Set Goals, & to Dream because I Believe That is My Part in This Deal Called Life. I Will Choose to Thank the Lord for All That He Has Done, All He Continues to Do on a Daily Basis & For All That He Has Yet to Do. Choosing to Believe, Choosing Faith, Choosing to be Grateful in the Fact That He is a Promise Keeper. ~

~ Plans Change. Disappointments are to be Expected. Pain is Real & There are Only 24 Hours in a Day (I'll Let You Decide For Yourself if That's a Good Thing or a Bad Thing, lol). ~

 ~ It Is Up To You To CHOOSE An Attitude of Gratitude, Served with a Side of Sassitude. Just For the Record, I'm Grateful for Each One of You!! Family, Friends, & Followers You Keep Me Motivated & Pointed Toward the Positive. ~ Happy Thanksgiving Week!!! ~
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