Sunday, November 27, 2016

~ Discount Diva ~ Netflix Review ~ Christmas 2016 ~

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I opted out of the Black Friday shopping and instead binge watched the Gilmore Girls Revival. I'm still not ready to talk about that so, I thought I would share another gift idea for your Christmas 2016 gifting season.

Today I am recommending Netflix. For my birthday I received a Netflix gift card that provided three months of Netflix. I didn't register it till this week because I wanted to be sure to have it for the Gilmore Girls Revival. I wasn't a Netflix member prior so when registering I was given a free "trial" month, turning my original three months of free Netflix, into four!!! Since we are approaching the Winter months of snow days, black ice, and general hibernation I think it is a perfect time to have Netflix. I also now better understand how people would opt out of cable or satellite memberships for a Netflix subscription instead. While it doesn't have most shows instantly, if you can wait a week then you are only a week behind folks viewing programs via cable. It would be MUCH cheaper!! Along with current TV programs there are also movies, both current and old school.

I have a DVD player that also serves as wireless. So, I was able to view Netflix through my TV instead of my lap top. Anyone with a gaming system would be able to do the same.
A Netflix gift card is Stacie Recommended and Discount Diva approved for the Christmas 2016 gifting season!! I think that even if someone already has an account for Netflix a gift card would still make a nice gift. Saving them some dollars in their monthly budget!!

Happy Gifting!!

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