Tuesday, November 1, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ October 27th, 2016 ~ Beautifully Worn ~


I Accomplished A Lot of Things on My To~Do List Yesterday, For Me Anyway. Well, This Morning I Was Woken by My RA Reminding My Body & Mind Why I Have to Handle My To~Do's, Few & Far Between. When I Push, Which I've Basically Always Done, I Pay For It. With Bags Under My Eyes the Size of European Luggage, Aches in My Joints That Feel Like They Go to the Bone & Annoyance in My Mind, I Do Not Feel ...All That Beautiful Today. Yet, Already This Morning The Lord Has Reminded Me That it is Allowing Him Into My Weak & Painful Moments That Are Found Beautiful to Him. "Beauty" Comes in A Variety of Shapes, Sizes, Colors, Styles, Attitudes, & Wellness. Do Not Allow Anyone to Make You Feel Un Beautiful Simply b/c You Aren't Their "Brand" of Beauty. He Tells Us That Even Our "Flaws" Are Beautiful to Him. They Reflect Back Our Need Of Him. Depending On What We Do W These "Flaws" They Are Also Capable of Reflecting Out His Love Of Us. You ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Let There Be No Room for Doubt On That Subject Today.

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