Tuesday, November 1, 2016

~ Stacie Stories ~ Getting to Know the Faith Journals Author ~ "Chatty Cathy" ~


Fun Fact: In Several of my High School Classes the Teacher Made Me Sit at a Desk Away From Everyone Else. Ya Know, Cause I Tend to be a Chatty Kathy. I Also Have Been Known to Make Comments Under My Breath That Distract Others. I May or May Not Still Do This. Anyway, One Teacher Went as Far as to Pull My Desk to the Wall by the Door. What He Seemed to Forget Was the Window That Allowed Me to ...See Into the Class Across the Hall Where My Friend Was and We Could Communicate Using Our Note Books and Marker. Ya Know, "Help Me, I've Been Kidnapped!!!!", Style. Resourceful. I Am Nothing if Not Resourceful!!! I'm Also Thoroughly Prepared if Ever Kidnapped. I Wont Even Bring Up How Drivers Ed Went. Save That For Another Day.

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