Friday, November 18, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ November 19th, 2016 ~ Morning Defeat ~


I Have A Very Bad Habit of  When Waking Up & Immediately Feeling Behind in the Day Ahead. It Doesn't Matter What Time I Wake or if I've Set an Alarm, Have a Long To-Do List or A Casual Day In Front of Me. I Wake Feeling Already Defeated & I KNOW That is the Enemy Starting his Day by Attacking the Start of Mine. Knowing This Means That w Each Morning I Have to Make Some Immediate Choices. I Have to Choose to Overcome the Feeling of Immediate Defeat. If I Wake Up Sick & In Pain I H...ave to Choose to Believe That Even That Has A Purpose That Could Bring Him Glory. I Have to Choose to Start the Day at A Pace That Allows Me to Feel His Presence, His Guiding Force & Love for Me. I Have to Choose to Start the Day Seeing Little Accomplishments as Big Deals. He is w You in Every Step of Your Day, but it is Up to You to Hand Those Steps Over to Him. It is a Choice to Say Whatever This Day Holds, Lord, its Yours.

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