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~ New Music Monday ~ November 28th, 2016 ~ On Repeat ~

Aubrey Sellers - Lyric Video for
"Sit Here and Cry"
fr "New City Blues"

I have already shared several of Aubrey Sellers tunes with you in past #NewMusicMonday posts, but with the official release of her first video off of "New City Blues", I wanted to share another. Sellers has released, at the moment exclusively via CMT her official video for "Sit Here and Cry". I posted the lyric vid above, but to see the official video click here --> Aubrey Sellers Official "Sit here and Cry" Video on CMT <-- . I LOVE this video and think that it goes so perfectly with Sellers musical style which she lovingly calls, "Garage Country". I think this video is a great suggestion as to how to deal with a break up. If you go only on the lyrics you will be deceived on Sellers thoughts on break ups. You need the visual! Go give it a watch and listen and then download Aubrey Sellers album, "New City Blues". You won't regret adding it to your music library.

Again, I know that I have shared several RaeLynn tunes with you in past posts and have even declared my official RaeLynn fan status. So, you should find this share no surprise. RaeLynn had a busy week leading into the Thanksgiving Holiday. Blake Shelton used Facebook Live to announce her as his 2017 touring opener and as if that wasn't enough her label, WB, announced that her original release date for "Wild Horse", which was December, would be pushed into 2017. RaeLynn mentioned in a interview that 2016 had felt so big to her with her marriage, a new label, and serving as opener on several Blake dates this Fall, that she wanted to push "Wild Horse" until 2017 so that it could have it's own space to live. I think that is a wise thought and valid reason to push it's release. I have already pre-ordered, "Wild Horse" and am in love with the first four tracks that you get when pre-ordering via iTunes. One of which is the title track, "Wild Horse", with lines like, "If you wanna love me you gotta understand, You gotta be down with the way I am. All my flaws and all my quirks, all my glitter and all my dirt. I gotta thing about being free this restless heart just can't breathe", this one tapped directly into my ideology of what it might take from someone for me to consider a forever love. Isn't what everyone is waiting, striving, and praying for? Someone who loves you for your flaws as much as for your perfections? I love all four tracks that I have received from "Wild Horse, which include, "Wild Horse", "Love Triangle", "Insecure"( I am CERTAIN I will share this one in a future #NMM), and "Diamonds". If you are debating a musical gift for someone's stocking stuffer I recommend a iTunes card so that they can pre-order "Wild Horse".

RaeLynn - "Wild Horse"
fr "Wild Horse"
Miranda Lambert - "Tin Man"
fr "The Weight of These Wings"
Queen Ran has released her highly anticipated double album, "The Weight of These Wings". The only "official" single and video so far is "Vice", which she released several months ago. The pair of albums are categorized by Lambert as "Nerve" and "Heart". Each boasting at least a dozen tracks if not more. It is rumored that Lambert has rejected all requests for interviews leading up to the double discs release and that she wants the music to speak for itself. She has done several late night talk show performances of "Vice" as well as performing at the CMA's a few weeks ago. I am sure that part of Queen Ran's reasoning in not doing typical media interviews to promo this album is in part to avoid relationship questions. Both of her divorce from Shelton and her current Beau, Anderson East, who lends his vocals to "Pushin' Time", one of the tracks off of "The Weight of These Wings". Can't say that I blame her. She is Miranda Lambert, if ever you expect her to do anything other than exactly what she wants then I strongly question your judgment.
I decided to share "Tin Man", it isn't a single and with as many tunes to choose from as "Nerve" and "Heart" have I'm unsure how Lambert and her team will choose what makes the Single's cut. I however am partial to "Tin Man", I'm not a fan of love songs and I think this may very well be the exact opposite of a love song, hence my draw to it. With lyrics like, "Every time you're feeling empty, Better thank your lucky stars. If you ever felt one breakin', You'd never want a heart.", Queen Ran warns the fabled Tin Man from Oz the perils of having a heart. She closes, "Tin Man" with the offer of a trade off, "By the way there, Mr. Tin Man, If you don't mind the scars, You give me your armor and you can have my heart". Personally, I think once everyone get a good listen of this double disc album Miranda isn't going to need to do any interviews concerning her past, present or future relationships. Based on the tracks I have heard, the music will indeed, speak for itself.
Lastly on this weeks, New Music Monday is Little Big Town's, "Better Man". I am sure everyone knows by now that "Better Man" was offered to the group by it's writer, Taylor Swift. The story goes, Swift wrote the tune and immediately thought of LBT as the vocalists for it. She reached out as any other writer would, via e-mail and shared the tune and her ideals on it with the group leaving the ball in their court. I think that they made a wise choice in selecting it to cut. Now, there is an amazing chance that simply because the writer was Taylor that the tune would have been welcomed with open arms by any artist, but this tune is great no matter who wrote it. I think that Little Big Towns vocals are as enchanting as ever on this track and I just ADORE the truth of it all. How many times has one walked away with the defeat that comes from knowing the one you're leaving could have made the situation one worth staying for. It is impossibly difficult, admitting that things need to change and choosing to walk away when they don't. Realizing that none of what's wrong, is in your control to be fixed. Per usual, Swift hit the nail on the head with this one. I mean, love her or hate her there is no denying that she is a talent in her field. She knows what she is doing and she does it well, very well. I am glad LBT cut this one. I think it's perfect in all it's ways. Side Note: Karen Fairchild, lead female vocal on the track wore the dress from the video for the groups CMA performance of the song. Which, at the time, viewers weren't aware that it's writer was in the building to present the last award of the night. I am sure it is always a satisfying feeling to hear someone else give your words life. Especially when it is a set of vocals like Little Big Town.

Little Big Town - "Better Man"
Don't forget that #NMM Christmas Mix was posted pre-Thanksgiving. So, if you need some tunes to inspire and sound track your holiday season Click Here  !
All of today's new music is new and several aren't singles yet, but that doesn't mean that you can't make your voice heard by requesting with your local radio. Requesting a song before it's a single can sometimes shift the scales when a team is deciding which single to release. So, call in and request "Sit Here and Cry", "Better Man" and even start asking your local dj's about "Wild Horse" and "Tin Man"!!!!!

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