Friday, November 18, 2016

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This May Very Well Make Me a Major Geek, but I Am Genuinely Amped About Binge Watching Some "Gilmore Girls" in Preparation for the Four New Episodes Being Released This Friday. I'm Amped to Listen to Christmas Music, Get My Christmas Decorations Out & Up. And the Perhaps Geekiest Part, to Begin the Marking Things Off of  My Holiday To-Do List. I Have True Bliss in My Heart Right Now. It's Better Than Any Medicine that I can Think Of.

This Next Week is the Beginning of a Non Stop, Hustle and Bustle Season of Family Events, Shopping, Baking, Cooking, Work Parties, Children's Sport Teams Awards Banquets, Church Activities, School Events, I mean the List is Endless. It Is Up to You to Keep Your Calm in Such a Chaotic Time and I'll Be Honest in Saying I'm Not Always the Best at it. But Things like A Gilmore Girl-Fest, Making A Christmas Card List, Writing Blog Posts to Hopefully Help Others With the Chaos, Helps Me With My Chaos. What is Your Bliss? What Brings You Unexplainable Peace, Joy, Bliss?! Is it A Cup of Coffee in the Morning Before Everyone Wakes Up? Is It Wrapping Christmas Gifts While Listening to Christmas Music or Watching a Christmas Movie? Feel Free to Share in the Comment Section. Keep an Eye Out as I Plan to Post DIY's, Tips, Tricks, Recipes, Gift Ideas, etc. Throughout the Holiday Season.

For Past Posts Just Type "Christmas" into the Blogs Search Bar and All Past Post Posts Should Pull Up for You to Cruise. Merry Christmas!!!

Also, Just a Side Note, I LOVE The "Gilmore Girls". I Received One of the Seasons in a Box Set For Christmas About Ten Years Ago. I was Living in my Very First, All Alone, All Mine, Apartment and Had Just Gotten Back from Christmas with my Family When I got REALLY, REALLY Sick. What's New? Anyway, I Sat Cuddled Up in Blankets and Pillows on My Inherited from My Former Roomates' Couch, Crying, Feeling So Lonely and So Grown Up in My All Mine Apartment, Watching Season 4 without Having Seen Seasons1-3. I Immediately Felt Understood. I Felt Comforted. I was Able to Distract My Mind from the Pain and Get Past the Moment b/c of the "Gilmore Girls". Cheesy? Lame? Whatever!! It's My Truth. It's How I found GG and It's Why I am STILL, Ten Years Later, a SERIOUS Fan. With That Said, I am Taking This Gilmore Girls Revival, VERY SERIOUS!! So, Much So That I Took the "Don't Blab the Final Four Words" Pledge. My Fellow Fans Will Understand, "Read the Button Missy!!". For Any Other GG Fans Reading This, You Can Follow This Link to Take the Pledge as Well By Clicking Here --> Town of Stars Hollow !!! Happy Binge Watching!!!

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