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~ New Music Monday ~ Writers Wednesday ~ Jamie Floyd ~ November 2nd, 2016 ~

Jamie Floyd - "The Blade"
The Listening Room in Nashville, TN
Video fr YouTube
I thought that the day of the CMA's 50th Anniversary would be a good time to begin what I am calling, "Writers Wednesday". I hope to once a month highlight a writer of one of the New Music Monday tunes. Several months ago I shared a song from Ashley Monroe's album titled, "The Blade". I have listened to the entire CD start to finish more times than I can count, but the last few weeks I have had it on repeat in the car as I run errands. Sometimes you hear a song and know that it is wonderful the first time you hear it. Other times you hear it multiple times before you really appreciate it's beauty. I loved "The Blade" the first time I heard it, but in the last few weeks I have really grown to appreciate and relate to it's lyrics.
Jamie Floyd, the writer of "The Blade" is originally from Florida, but has found herself in Nashville doing what so many do to make it in that town. Working at a restaurant to pay the bills while writing songs with the hope of one day paying the bills with her music. I found Jamie via social media and have been following her for months. In the midst of social feeds with artists, performers, and entertainers that are further along in their Nashville journey, I find following Jamie to be a breath of fresh air. She appears to be excited and joyful about every opportunity she is afforded in the hot and cold business that is music. She isn't currently signed to a label based on my research so, she has self- funded and published her own EP "Sunshine & Rainbows" (can be found where digital tunes are sold). Gutsy!! I have heard this several times from artists such as Cam, Kelleigh Bannen, and Maren Morris. Before getting label deals they began their current EP's via Kick Starter or by self funding/producing. I think this is incredibly gutsy!!! Girl power to the max!!!!
Both Jamie and Ashley perform this song beautifully. Jamie has written for a lot of well known artists, but at the moment I just can't get "The Blade" and it's delivery by Ashley Monroe out of my mind. I think Ashley Monroe sings it perfectly on her album of the same name. The lyrics are so clever and SO true!!! It tells a story so many have lived. "I thought we both were in all the way", is a line in the song that just hits ya where it hurts. The clip I share above is of the writer of the song performing, "The Blade" and below will be a audio of Ashley's album version.
Jamie, writer of "The Blade", is featured in the upcoming documentary "The Last Song Writer". I personally am actually very intrigued to see this documentary, but y'all know me. I am kinda a behind the music geek like that. Jamie can be found on socials and is worth giving a follow. I hope you enjoyed this quick glance at Nashville song writer Jamie Floyd and her song, "The Blade". The goal for Writers Wednesday's is going to be 1. Introduce you to the folks behind the music. 2. To peak your curiosity a little and hopefully inspire you to look up these writers, their songs and the projects they are apart of and hopefully, 3. You will download their works into your collection.
It is always exciting to watch an artists journey. With songs like, "The Blade" I feel that Jamie is another person we will be getting to see at future awards ceremonies. Wouldn't it be grand if in five years from now when she is up for Best Song, New Female, Best Female, etc. you could say you listened to her tunes back when??!!! Watching others dreams come true sometimes can encourage and inspire us in the thought that maybe our dreams can come true, too. Dream a little dream and give "The Blade" a listen, then head over to Jamie's socials and show her some love.

Ashley Monroe - "The Blade"
fr "The Blade"

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