Tuesday, November 1, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ October Updates ~ Kip Moore & Aubrie Sellers ~

It is CMA week in Nashville and there are a lot of activities, shows, meet and greets going on in honor of the artists who sound track our lives. Also, in honor for the fans who make the artists dreams, their career. In this October New Music Monday update I wanted to share two artist that I think we will be seeing a lot of at CMA's to come. Well, to be honest one of them, Kip Moore, should already be getting this kind of recognition, but don't get me started on that right now. Next weeks #NewMusicMonday will be my recap and review of the CMA's which air TOMORROW, This Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 on CBS at 8:00 p.m. It is the 50th Anniversary of the CMA awards so there will be a lot of throw back performances, presenters, dedications, etc. After the last few years where it seems impossible to keep the cross genre collaborations off the country stage I am REALLY looking forward to this walk down memory lane. Performances have been announced by Alan Jackson, George Strait, and several others. I think it's going to be a good show. I am also looking forward to see who wins what and let's be real, who wears what. I can't even help it. I love a red carpet. If you won't be able to watch or just enjoy by witty commentary then please feel free to follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/stacietennessee,  as I will be posting my play by
play's of the nights events.
Anyway, back to my update....First, Aubrie Sellers.....
Aubrie Sellers ~ New City Blues

~ STOP ~ DROP ~ DOWNLOAD~ LISTEN TO ME!!!!!! Fellow Music Addix, You NEED to Download Aubrie Selelrs, "New City Blues", ASAP!!!!! I Only Recommend Tunes & Albums I Love & #AubrieSellers is Becoming One of My FAVE #NextWomenOfCountry!!!! #NewCityBlues Doesn't Have One Track I Would Skip. She Brands Her Sound as #GarageCountry & After A Few Tracks You'll See What That Means. "New City Blues" is a Full Album with 14 Tracks. I Have Shared A Few Aubrie's Tunes on #NewMusicMonday past posts. So, If You Want a Sample of Them Just Type "Aubrie Sellers" you can Here,  or head over to Aubrie's page http://www.aubriesellers.com/ .
Aubrie Sellers - "Liar, Liar"
fr "New City Blues"
Kip Moore - "Midnight Slow Dance"
Performed at KIP VIP Acoustic Experience
fr "Underground EP"
Vid fr YouTube
In nearly every interview that I have seen of Kip Moore he seems astonished that folks actually know the lyrics to his songs. I mean, in all fairness he does seem to forget a lot of his own lyrics, having had written somewhere in the range of a 1000 so, I suppose when other folks know them it can be jolting. LOL!!! "Midnight Slow Dance" is a tune that mainly hardcore, diehard, underground fans have known of, till now. Moore released "Underground" an EP to thank his fans for always sticking with he and the band. Even in the three year wait between "Up All Night" & "Wild One's" fans sold out his headlining tour dates. Now as he prepares to drop a new single in January 2017and a full album Spring 2017 he wanted to give us a little something to help hold us over. The upcoming project set to drop in Spring 2017 is a completely different piece of work from the "Underground" EP. Moore has said this repeatedly. Wanting to be sure to let the fans know his appreciate of them and that this EP is for them!!! "Midnight Slow Dance" is track 3 on the EP and was recorded live at a band sound check for a show. The five track EP is glorious and all that we hoped it to be as fans and followers of the Slow Hearts. All five tracks are perfect and so many fans, myself included, are STOKED to have an actual, officially cut version of these tunes that aren't crappy YouTube recordings with folks trying to sing along, bar noise, or that annoying hum and static that comes when someone records too close to the speakers. BAHHH!!! That really erks m'nerves. That and the folks who can't carry a tune in a bucket and still insist on singing along while recording. I CAN'T!!!!
From my Insta
~ Slowest Download of My Life!!! ~ When You Are Anticipating Wicked Sweet Tunes the DL is ALWAYS Turtle Slow. ~ While I'm Recommending Tunes Tonight, Let Me Suggest @kipmooremusic Brand Spankin' New Ep, #Underground. A Project Kip & The Slow Hearts Created as A Thank You to the Ever Growing & Fiercely Passionate Fan Base. Moore Has A New Full Length Album Completely Separate fr #Underground Droppi...ng Spring of 2017. While We Wait We Can Put #Underground, #WildOnes & #UpAllNight on Repeat & Shuffle. ~
Take my word y'all. DOWNLOAD THESE TUNES!!!! You won't regret it. Also, because this is just who I am and I can't help it, both Ibotta  and Ebates have rebates for iTunes right now. So, in purchasing either album you could also get money back!!!!! I know few things as good as or better than excellent tunes at a excellent price. So, head over to ebates and create an account or download Ibotta and save when downloading tunes!!!! If you sign up via my blog we will both get a extra bonus. Just type "Ibottta" or "Ebates" into the blogs search bar to find past posts on the topics and my experience with both. I highly recommend them.
Lastly, give your local radio a call and make sure they these albums to their rotation. Your requests totally make a different for an artist/band. Especially new artists who are just busting their rear to get heard. Both of today's #NMM artist have socials so, go give them a follow for updates, new tunes, show dates, etc.

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