Sunday, November 27, 2016

~ Discount Diva ~ DIY Nativity Set ~ Christmas 2016 ~

This is My Awesome Nativity Set!! Made by Two of My Oh So Talented  Creative Besties Several Years Ago. It is Lavender with Glitter Over It. My Christmas Decorations are Purple, Gold and Sparkles So, They Really Got it Right with This DIY. Every Year When I Set it Out I am Reminded of So Many Blessings. The Gift of Christ the Savior, The Reminder That Sometimes Great Things & Great People Come From Seemingly Humble Beginnings, and with The Thought of the Shepard's That Kept Watch, I am Reminded That No Task is Too Small for the Lord to Use or Have Purpose For. It Also Reminds Me that I Have Friends Who Get Me and Can Appreciate That My Love of Pink & Glitter is Just As Much Apart of Me Being Me as My Brown Hair or My Blue Eyes. 

My friends made my set along with several others with the help of their husbands who cut up the 2x4's and 4x4's for them. They then used a Cricuit to cut the pieces for the silhouettes of wise men, animals, manger, etc. They painted the blocks of wood a base color, let it dry, then adhered the cutouts, let those dry and then, for my set, used a clear/glitter sealant. They made several sets the year I they made this one and each one was painted, etc. to go with the persons Holiday style. I got to see a few before they got handed out and they all turned out beautiful!!!

For me, gifts aren't about the cost, but the thought. I truly appreciate the time it took my talented pals and their hubby's to make these for their friends and family. I appreciate it was made with me in mind and colors that are very Stacie. LOL!! When DIY is done proper, it can be worth far more than anything from a store.

Have You Begun Your Christmas Decorations?! Do You DIY? Do You Have Plans to Give Some DIY Creations this Season? Please Feel Free to Share in the Comments!!

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