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~ Discount Diva ~ Invitation Keepsake Ornament ~ DIY ~ Christmas 2016 ~

Charlie and Telisha Campbell's Invite
Spring 2016
The Holidays are right around the corner and if you are anything like me you are already making your lists and checking them twice. Considering not all giving hearts have a bank account to match I thought that sharing some DIY's, Deals, Bargains, etc. along the way may help out a few of my on a budget buddies out there.
It seems like in the last year basically everyone I knew was either getting married or having a baby. Endless invitations to showers, parties and big days seemed to be in my mail box weekly. While I would love to 1. keep everyone's invites to things as a keep sake, over the years they seriously start to accumulate and 2. Buy everyone a beautiful gift from their registry. I simply can't. So, I decided to start doing something home made with the invites for the Bride and Groom. This can be applied to any invitation really, but I have mainly done them as wedding gifts.
I found this idea on Pinterest originally and have just adapted it over time to work for my projects. I think that a lot of couples want to have a copy of their wedding invitation as a keep sake. Something they look at as the years go by, something to show their children, something to remind them of that special day and the promises they made. Not everyone wants to frame it though or have it hanging on the wall 24-7. And if it is always setting out then it can become just another piece of décor that gets looked over and gathers dust. I think that having it in ornament form is a fun way to at Christmas time think back on your wedding day. Every year when you go to put that one ornament on it gives you a moment to reminisce and tell stories. Especially once children and other family members start becoming apart of your Christmas traditions.
All you will need is a clear ornament (can be found year around at Hobby Lobby or Michaels in boxes of various sizes, shapes, quantity, etc.) the invitation, scissors, glue, and ribbon or twine. I usually cut the invitation into strips so that once they are placed inside the ornament you can read when, where, what time, etc. the couple married. Depending on the material of the invitation I try to curl them a bit prior to inserting them into the ornament. Sometimes I have to use tweezers to get the paper into the ornament in a way that the wording can be seen. I also like to add a piece of any embellishment that may have come with the invitation. Lace, twine, glitter, or cut out pieces of the invitation that has any images on it and add those in.
Once I place those items, along with the invitation, inside the ornament I use hot glue to attach the ornament closure piece. I usually hot glue them just for the sake of them possibly going through many hands before getting to the intended. Ya know? Mail man, gift piles, the car, bridesmaids and groomsmen, etc. If I am going to hand deliver I don't always glue the top just so if they want to add something they can.
Now that everything is inside and it is glued shut, I then take either ribbon or twine that was apart of the invitation or find a something that compliments the invite and tie it to the hoop of the ornament closure for hanging.
If the ornament is being mailed or gifted at the wedding I always package it with multiple layers of bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. to protect it. If I am mailing I also write the word, "FRAGILE" in bold letters on the parcel. So far no one has reported back that they received a broken ornament. Fingers crossed for future ornaments.
This project and gift is Stacie Recommended and Discount Diva approved. Hope this helps to inspire you as you plan and prepare for the giving season.
Happy DIYing!! What have you been making lately ?
Todd and Jessica Olsen's Invite on
their first tree as a married couple.
(insert awwwws here)
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