Tuesday, October 16, 2012

~ Every Last Drop ~

I have not gotten do any of my usual fall festivities . It's depressing . So, yesterday in a "I must do something" fit I purchased a few inexpensive mums . I had already hung my favorite fall wreath and put a couple cute pumpkins on my front porch for decoration , but felt like something was missing . I am working on a few plant projects and didn't have any of my fall colored flower pots available . So, I got a little resourceful . I went through my spray paint cans and my "to be revamped" pile of items and EUREKA, I had a idea . I had just enough copper spray paint to do a semi-revamp .
These are two flower tins I had purchased a year ago at the Dollar Tree . The plants have long ago been replanted as they out grew these little guys . I have had them in the "to be revamped" pile ever since . I didn't want to toss them knowing that eventually I'd have a use for them . The color is sun bleached so they aren't as sassy as they once where.

I had just enough copper spray paint to spray the fronts of each tin. Which is just fine seeing how the back of the tin will be against the house . I'm so glad I hadn't thrown out that spray paint thinking it wouldn't be enough for another project.

I'm so proud of my little fall decoration project. I think it was the perfect addition to my porch. 

I by no means am advocating the idea of becoming a hoarder . LOL!! But, this has surely taught me to consider the future possibilities of an item before tossing it . My copper spray paint had just enough left in it to be the perfect addition to this project . I used every last drop in the can . How have you decorated for fall ?

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