Monday, October 8, 2012

~ Blossom ~

As most of you know, I'm a entertainment news not a nightly world news kind of girl for the most part . One night I was watching one of my fave entertainment news shows when inspiration for the blog you're about to read hit me . It was several weeks before the Emmy's and as most entertainment outlets do, the show followed the search for the perfect red carpet dress with a female Emmy nominee, Mayim Bialik . If you are a FB friend you will know that I am a huge "Big Bang Theory" Fan . I was so stoked to see that "Amy Farrah Fowler" was nominated . She is increasingly one of my favorite female characters on T.V.  Ladies of my generation (which p.s. makes me feel sooooo old to say ) also know Mayim Bialik as "Blossom", from the 90's show of the same name .

As the entertainment news host went with Mayim to shop for dresses I grew more and more intrigued by the choices she was offered . My first thought was that she was being show more "simple", "covered up", "non-runway" looks because she isn't the typical Hollywood size -2 . She is by no means a plus-size either, lets be clear . Then the host mentioned that Mayim's search was specifically focused on certain designs due to her religious preferences . Mayim is Jewish and desired to cover up certain aspects of her body in an attempt to honor the idea of modesty and her religion . She wanted to be fashionable while respecting herself and her God (not a word for word quote ) .  I WAS BLOWN AWAY !!!! 1. That this thought occurs in Hollywood . 2. That it was expressed on a highly rated entertainment news program . I mean, the mere thought, much less the action to back it up of not folding to the ideas, visions, and some times bat crap crazy ideas of a stylist and Hollywood is mind boggling . Here's a look at a few of her red carpet choices .

These three red carpet looks are from this years Emmy's, past Emmy's and another Emmy Week event red carpets . All are gorgeous, modest and on trend . They're figure flattering , beautiful and sexy all at the same time with out being obvious, loud or showing an uncalled for amount of skin . Why isn't this look on the cover of a magazine ? Why isn't her choice being discussed on after Emmy fashion over view programs ? It's simple . No drama . No Shock and Awe . Not to Hollywood or Fashion followers anyway . But to me a entertainment and fashion fan who doesn't live in the center of it all it ,  huge shock and awe . The fact that a young , current actress was able to make a fashion choice with out compromising her values is dramatic in it's own way .  Some of you may not see the big deal in this, but others will be shaking your heads in agreement of this shock and awe .

I saw a young girl at a outlet mall several days ago wearing a skirt I wouldn't sleep in. Yes, sleep in . You never know when there will be a middle of the night emergency where outfit changing will not be an option. As I write that I realize I may have PTSD from my RD years . Anyway, it was so short and inappropriate given her age, much less her location . She was with what appeared to be family or friends , shopping and goofing off like any other young girl would be . My heart grieved . My immediate thought was is this her idea of beautiful, acceptable and eye catching . Eye catching it was . When we are young the words we do and do not hear shape us so drastically . It is strong enough to out weigh and counter act the things we see on t.v., movies, and magazines .  I too suffer from not enough compliments from the right people at the right time . I'm so grateful to have been loved by a God that wants more for me than simply, "eye catching" . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes . It is also in the hand of the designer .

As you go to build your next out-fit what images , words and desires will influence your choices ? I for one am very grateful for this small but wonderful example and reminder that we can be beautiful, fashionable and even sexy with out folding to the worlds definition of these words . I hope that it some how encouraged you as well . - beau·ti·ful : excellent of it's kind

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