Wednesday, October 10, 2012

~ a little prayer ~

Dear Friends ~

Some days I find it very difficult to find something to be thankful for . Not that God has failed to provide or care for me, but that my attitude or current circumstance makes it difficult to acknowledge . Several months ago I found myself with a sour pout nearly every day . Not wanting uncalled for age lines on my face (vanity I know) or a poor attitude to make a home in me I started a little prayer time . Each time I leave my house before I turn on the radio or start swerving in and out of traffic I take a moment to give God a little thanks . I owe Him a great deal of thanks, but in the absences of a right attitude sometimes a little is all I remember to give (if I'm being honest) . When you find yourself struggling for words maybe just take a little moment to give Him a little thanks . He knows our hearts, needs and wants . Here's my little prayer, feel free to make it your own.

Lord, thank You for my little home . Thank You for my little dog to keep me company.
Thank You for my little (crazy) family to love me no matter what .
Thank You for a little food in the cubbard, a little gas in the tank, and a little money in the bank. Thank you for the days I am healthy and the promise of healing on the days that I am not.
 Thank You for friends near and far to remind me not only am
I blessed to have people to miss, but I am missed as well .
Thank You for my little town , for the past, the now and the promise of tomorrow.
Thank you for a little time to Thank You .
I know it isn't much, but somehow it helps me. Have a great evening . I hope this gives you a little boost, a little motivation and a little smile.  
~ Stacie

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