Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Greetings

As I mentioned in my most recent post I have been a busy elf preparing and planning for Christmas greetings , crafts and baked goods . All in a effort to help me refrain from putting up my Christmas tree . Also , I love to pre-plan it's my most situations . However today A friend and I were texting about meeting up over Thanksgiving break and somehow we didn't nail anything down . We are both in event planning so we are both confused as to how this happens....every time ! Oh well, it's who we are and we're o.k. with that .

Last season I shared some posts not only on crafts and DIY ideas, but also how to "Earn When You Spend" . I'm unsure if you followed through with my tips, but I wanted to let you know just how much they can pay off . This month alone I was given a bonus from my Coca~Cola , Kellogg's and Shutterfly rewards that will basically provide me with personalized Christmas cards for free . That's right , FREE ! Per the "Earn When You Spend" post all you have to do to start earning points is create a account ( which is free) , enter the point codes you find under your cap, in your products box or in your e-mail from the company and boom ! You are on your way to savings, discounts, and best of all FREEBIES !!!! Often they will send you bonus codes not just for their company, but for partner companies as well . Just a FYI usually with Shutterfly you do pay shipping , unless you've gotten a code that allows free shipping , but even still it ends up being less than I'd pay in the store for cards that aren't personal . For me it has been worth the five minutes now and then to input the points . What kind of deals are you coming across as you prepare for the Holiday Season ?

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