Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tree Trimming - Stacie Style


I told you  in my post "No Reindeer Harmed" I was going to do my best to hold off putting up and decorating my Christmas tree this year . I have been known in years past to set it up long before Thanksgiving . Well, I am proud to report that I didn't finish my tree until Thanksgiving evening and I started setting it up just a few days before . So, for me that is a pretty big deal . Tonight I sit by the glow of my tree lights , sipping mint hot chocolate with Jack Davis resting in the floor and I have so much on my mind that I thought perhaps the best thing to do would be some writing . Help refocus my mind and energy .

I have had my tree and most of it's decorations for about 8 years now . I proudly purchased it along with purple/gold ornaments my first Christmas in Chattanooga . In years since then I have broken ornaments , lost, given away , repurposed, and added some new ones to my tree . Originally my thought was that I would have a "cute" tree . The kind you see in stores or sitting rooms . You know ?! The matching, styled , but not so sentimental kind . However, as years past my tree has slowly become more sentimental with its décor .

From Abbigale - One of my "nieces"
She loves pink & glitter as much as I do.
From Melly - former RA
Team Logic co-founder
This year as I decorated my tree I realized just how meaningful some of my ornaments have become to me . I save the ornaments that have been gifted , made, or that hold a special memory as the last things I put on my tree . I want to give them a prime spot so that I can look at them through out the season and be reminded of how much the Lord has done not just this year, but in those past as well . To remind me of the people I've had the chance to love and even greater the one's I've had the chance to be loved by .
Given last Christmas by my
Dad & Step-Mom
Made by Miss Bridget
This year as I added these special ornaments to my tree I was overwhelmed thinking that one of my bff's daughter, Abbi , thought of me when she saw a pink sparkly fairy ornament . I clearly have impacted this kids life....with glitter....as it should be . LOL!! I smiled realizing that Miss Bridget hand made several snow flakes especially for me . Each time I see them I'm reminded of her cup of peppermint tea , her love of the students and her continued friendship since I've left Chatt . I got kinda teary eyed opening a envelope that a former RA & continued friend had sent me with a beautiful "S" ornament in it . Reminding me that bonds formed in the trenches of ministry last forever . These sweet people along with so many others have taken time out of their days just to brighten mine . Their thought will not simply brighten the day that I received their ornament, but every year that I hang these ornaments, every day that I get to look at them on my tree through out a Christmas season , those days will be brightened too because of them . I'm not sure they realized that such a small thought could have such a big impact .  
A reminder of things I've yet to do &
a reminder of my Papaw

These are just a few in my growing collection of sentimental ornaments . They challenge me with the thought that this is the kind of person I hope to be. Not just in the Christmas season, but year 'round . I want the things I do , write , create , give, etc. to remind people how loved they are . Not just by me, but the God of the universe . These ornaments remind me of everything God has done and they help keep me focused on the promise of things He's yet to do . Once again He uses the smallest things to speak into our lives . I think that the gifting of ornaments has new meaning for me .
Not all my ornaments are gifted or made . I have many hand picked that reflect pure Stacie-ness . Some folks use tinsel to make their tree sparkle, not this girl . I have pink diamond-esq ornaments hanging top to bottom . Do you gift ornaments ? How do you decorate your tree ? Are there fun traditions you'd like to share ? Please feel free to comment and let us know how you celebrate and decorate through the Christmas season .

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