Friday, July 6, 2018

~ July 6th, 2018 ~ a Note from Stacie ~ @StacieTennessee ~

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Hell-o Dear Family, Friends & Followers!! It's been some time since I've had a moment to write a proper post, much less address you directly. Since the Fall my world has been a tad turned on it's axis and I've been struggling to find a balance ever since. Due to this wobbling The Faith Journals have been neglected and I'm unsure that will be changing anytime soon. Well, at least not in the way I would prefer.
I've managed to keep up with insta posts via socials for New Music Monday, Glam Bag, DIY as well as Insta Blogs. So, if you don't follow & would like to, head over to Instagram and find @StacieTennessee for those quick posts.
I have much I want to research, write, share, etc. , but I know that right now the Lord has ministry for me in other places and I want to do my best to remain as focused on that as possible. I appreciate those of you who continue to follow/read and I hope to return to our regularly scheduled blogging eventually. Until then, know that I appreciate you, pray for you, and I am doing quick posts via m'insta!! Instagram is a on-the-go friendly forum and make my quick posts possible in rare down time moments.
I would appreciate your continued prayers.
Please do check back now and then as I will do my best to update images/info fr Insta to here. See you soon!!
In His Service and Love ~

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