Friday, July 6, 2018

~ Insta Blog ~ June 24th, 2018 ~ New Journal ~

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My Alone/Quiet Time Hasn’t Been at My “Usual” Pace for Some Time Now. As Much as I Dislike Schedules I am in Fact a Creature of Habit & w This Eb & Flow of My Time I Have Felt Thrown Off. But. But! But, That’s OK b/c I Know the Things the Lord Has Had for Me These Past Months Have Been Very Specifically Sent to Me, By Him. In Every Moment that I Wanna Give Up He Lovingly Reminds Me in Some Heavenly Way That He See’s Me, is With Me in This, Has Prepared Me For it & When the Time Comes He Will Have Prepared Me for Whatever is Due Time. I Love Finishing a Journal & I Love Starting a New One. A Physical Reminder of ALL God Has Done & a Physical Reminder of All He Has Yet to Do. Today I Started a New Journal Given to Me for Christmas fr Some Dear Friends That Have Had a Heavy Load of Their Own to Carry. I’ll Think of Them & Pray for Them as They Find a New “Normal”, When I Use This Journal. See, We Don’t Really Travel This Journey Alone. Some are Further Ahead, Some Have Stopped for Water, Some are a Few Steps Back & Some are Still Standing at the Entrance Deciding if This is a Journey They Can Handle. As You Battle for Your Quiet Alone Time, Prayer Time, Time in the Word Take a Look Around b/c You Might Not Pass This Way Again. ~ Job 41:8 Lay Your Hands on Him; Remember the Battle - You Will Not Do It Again! ~ #Sabbath ~

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