Thursday, March 26, 2015

Little Big Town ~ Girl Crush

I am a music FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like , IDK "fan" is really even an appropriate word for it . It is my therapy , my encouragement , my sympathetic ear , the words I want to say, but can't . It is at times my prayer , my advice , and even my justification . It is EVERYTHING !! My parents have never understood why I'd spend money on multiple CD's or iTunes purchases when there is the radio and music t.v. , but I attribute it to one of those "parents just don't understand" things in life . When relocating one of the heaviest items was my container of CD's . DON'T JUDGE!!!! I listen to all genre's for the most part and was a radio D . J . for a hot minute in college . I also spent five years working concert production  along with many more years in booking , contract negotiations , venu rep, etc. . Also while in college one of my graphics projects ended up being a concert poster for my friends band . So, to say my hearts in the art form , is barely saying it right . My heart is in every part of the art form and when RIDICULOUS radio drama is going on over an AMAZING tune I get riled .

I was raised very conservative and in the south so, I totally see how folks (particularly the "typical" country music listener) could jump on a band wagon, get the message wrong or simply go on someone else's conviction when glancing the lyrics of "Girl Crush" . But , to not research for yourself ,  to not listen further , to not truly hear and understand the lyrics and protest it's being played is madness to me . It is the epitome of ignorance . It is those folks that picket because they "heard" such and such was going to happen , play , etc . I CAN NOT HANDLE the logic of " well someone told me...." or "everyone said that " . I CAN'T !!!!! I have this fire when it comes to a great many topics, but I tend to try and keep it contained . For whatever reason I just have to share it this time . I received Little Big Towns Pain Killers album as a gift and have listened to it on repeat . I was a fan to begin with , but have only grown to love them more with this new album . It took a bit longer than some albums take to be made and released, but the band always discussed how pain staking their effort was to make it the best yet . I vote well done .

Girl Crush, the second radio release from the album is a beautifully, skillfully, and cleverly written song about the woman not chosen . It was written by three women and it is the point of view of "if I was her would you want me ? " . A love song . A hurt song . A I wish or what if song . Some listeners have taken it to a all to literal level and are declaring it unfit for radio . Protesting stations that play it and forcing airwaves to remove it from their cycle . It is in the top for it's genre in itune sales and the lyric video's on  and each have almost 700,000 hits . Clearly people are relating to it , loving it and getting it . How radio can be so easily bullied is something I may never understand . I am attaching the lyric video so that you can not only hear the tune , but read the lyrics as it plays . Seriously , cleverly written and beautifully performed song . Who hasn't been there ? Who hasn't compared themselves ? Who hasn't at one time or another debated changing their hair color , lip stick shade , or perfume to catch the attention of someone ? If you are honest , we all have .

" I have a girl crush . Hate to admit it but , I got a heart rush that ain't slowin' down."
Little Big Town - Girl Crush

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