Thursday, April 16, 2015

~ Discount Diva ~ Quick Fix ~ Breakfast Comfort on a Budget and Time Limit ~

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In my neck of the woods we woke up to lightening, thundering and bad dreams, oh my ! I woke myself up from a bad dream, literally sobbing . I was crying in the dream and I was crying in real life . I dream a lot and usually they are entertaining, but now and again the bad dream happens and I just hate it . To add too my immediate emotional distress (as if waking up isn't hard enough) it was thundering, lightening and raining so hard I was sure the house was afloat . It wasn't . So, I decided today was a good day for a comfort food type breakfast . Sausage, biscuits and gravy are just the southern stand by for a hot comforting breakfast meal .

Now, I do not make gravy . I know ! I know ! They debated taking away my southern belle status, but I have way too much "Julia Sugarbaker" esq sass for it to happen . So, with belle status in tact I shall tell you my gravy comes from a mix . Head held high . I don't cook with a lot of fatty meats ( I tend to cook w lean turkey or chicken) and the grease/run off from the fattier meat is important in true southern gravy making . So, instead I use Pioneer Brand gravy mixes . They have a variety, cost only a $1.00 at my local grocery and make 2 cups of gravy .

Todays Recipe for a quick comfort Breakfast =

~ 2 Frozen Turkey Sausage Patties (I use the kind from the frozen section that are in a bag, usually the store brand) - cooked in skillet for about 5-7 minutes ( I almost always end up sharing half a patty or so w Jack Davis ) . I want to say that the bag I purchased was no more than $3 . 00 and of course a freezer bag in opposition to a small box or the kind of sausage in the chilled meats section can potentially last you a while making it worth the cost . I would think you could also freeze your own from the sausage in the chilled meats section too . Just be sure to date and label it pre freeze .  

~ Can of biscuits (follow containers instructions) I never use a entire can of biscuits just for myself so I save the left overs for other meals through out the week or make a couple to-go containers and share w friends/loved ones . Who doesn't appreciate having one less meal to think about in a week ??!! No one . If you aren't into left overs or sharing (p.s. shame on you) , biscuits also come in the freezer section in a bag where you can cook one or two at a time . Easy ! A can of 5 biscuits , store brand is usually less than a $1 . 00 . The name brand almost always has a coupon in the Sunday paper of a certain amount off two cans . A bag of biscuits will run you maybe $3 or 4$ depending on size and brand . A bag may cost more , but will potentially last you longer than a simple can will . Depends on how many folks you are cooking for , etc .

~ And lastly, the Pioneer Brand gravy mix . Takes 1 & 1/2 cup water and calls for another half cup water, but I use 2% milk to make it a tad creamer . Follow packet instructions and in less than 15 minutes the entire meal is ready . As I mentioned earlier this costs only a $1 . 00 at my local grocer and sometimes there are coupons in the Sunday paper .

Quick, inexpensive, & yummy !!!!!
Hope this #quickfix helps you out w your meal planning this week .
Happy Cooking !!!
If you have tips , questions or just a comment to share please feel free to do so !!
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