Sunday, October 22, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ October 19th, 2017 ~ Stop Putting Things from Your List Onto Mine ~

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"Stop Putting Things From Your List On Mine!"
 Loreli To Luke ~ Gilmore Girls

What's a Avacado Slicer Got to Do w Anything You May Be Asking Yourself. A lot, Actually. I Praise the Lord, Sometimes on the Hourly, for the Sisterhood/Brotherhood That My Friends are to Me. They Allow Me to Freak Out at Any Hour of the Day/Night. They Encourage Me & Talk Me Off Ledges Regularly. They Pray for Me Before I Even Know to Ask. This Avacado Slicer Had Been on My "List" (rare/random things I'm always on the look out for) When Someone Posted Finding One @aldiusa . I Don't Have a #Aldi Where I Live, but a Friend of Mine Has One Down the Road. So, I Sent Her a Pic & Asked If She Could Keep An Eye Out for Me. She Did & Now I Mark One More Thing Off the List. When Picking This Up I Dropped Off Something I Had Been On The Look Out for On Her Behalf. To Me, Being Able to Add Things From Your List to My List is One of the Truest Forms of Friendship. Beautiful Friends, Y'all Know Who You Are, I Would Not Survive W/O You. I Thank God For You W Every Thought of You. I Pray Desperately to be Somehow as Good a Friend to You as Y'all are to Me. Thanks to You All for Allowing Me to Add Things fr My List to Yours. Know My List is Ongoing if You Ever Need to Add Something to It

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