Saturday, November 18, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ November 16th, 2017 ~ Troll Patroll ~

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Musgraves Only Has ONE "U" !!
Dear #TrollPatroll ~ For Those Constantly Harassed by Trolls, Wanna Be Accounts, Etc. I'd Like to Remind You of #NMM Philosophy of Dealing....#Report #Block #MoveOn #RepeatAsNeeded. We Will More Than Likely Never Rid the Net of Haters, but We Don't Have to Play into Them Either.
An Official Artist/PublicFigure Will Have a Blue Circle w a White Check Beside Their Social Handle Verifying That Specific Socials Outlet Has Verified That Person is Who They Say They Are. All Others, Unless Noted as a Fan Page & Even Some of Those are Shady, Can Be Considered Fake, Wanna Be's, Haters & Trolls. No Artist is Going to DM You Asking for Dolla Dolla Bills, Yo!! Nor are They Trying to Avoid Their Management & Have a Secret Acct No One Knows About.
Please, for the Love of Music & All Other Arts, Use a Bit of Common Sense.
Logic, Reason, Both are Great When Sorting the Real fr the Fake.

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