Saturday, March 17, 2018

~ Motivation Monday ~ March 12th, 2018 ~ Make Yourself a Priority ~

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Monday Motivation
We Can Not Control Others, Their Lack of Planning, Their Attitudes, Etc. We Can However Control Our Reactions to Those Things. A Former Mentor of Mine Use to Say Something Like, "a failure to plan on your part does not necessitate an emergency on mine". Boundaries are Good. In fact, They're Vital to Survival. Making Yourself a Priority isn't Always a #TreatYoSelf Situation. Sometimes its Setting Those Boundaries w Ppl, Deciding w/i Yourself What You Will & Will Not Allow for Yourself fr Ppl Who. Claim to Love You. Make. Yourself. A. Priority. If You Don't, Who Will?! How We Treat Ourselves Dictates How We Allow Others to Treat Us. Linger on That a Moment. You are Loved. You are Worthy. You are Not Selfish to Decide How You Will or Will Not Be Treated. You Got This

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