Monday, June 4, 2018

~ Insta Blog ~ May 30th, 2018 ~ The Family Tree ~

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KLove Radio Insta
There is a Reason it is Called a “Family Tree” & Not a Family Field, Bushel, Flower or Cactus....Though Sometimes it May Feel More Like a Cactus Than Anything Else, lol! I’ll Be the First to Say Mine Produces a Majority of Fruits & Nutt’s (written w nothing but affection ). Myself the Nuttiest Fruit of Them All, but When I Find Myself Out On a Limb I Know There’s A Branch Above Me to Hold On To & One Below Me to Catch Me if I Fall. Today Was a Reach for the Branches Kind of Day & I Am Grateful for My Tree. The Branches I Was Born into & the Branches I Attached by Choice. 

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