Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Now?

I am slowly settling in to my old/new crib. Unpacking, STILL. Catching up with family and I hope to soon spend some time with old friends and visit some church's. As I "settle" in I am slowly getting to the question of  "what now?". I know that I have obeyed the Lord in my choices to this point. However, I struggle with what to do next or even how to pray about it. I loved my last job/ministry/calling. I don't want the next thing I do to be something I don't love. I realize there may come a point where I have to take a job simply for the financial survival of it, but at the moment I'm still holding onto the hope that there is something out there that I could love as much as I have loved my last jobs and still survive financially. While I know that I don't really want to repeat anything I have done before that leaves me with the question, "what's next?". What could I love ? What would I enjoy ? Where are my talents and skills best put to use ? I appreciate prayers, good thoughts and positive suggestions.

I hope now that I have a bit of root down to start blogging more frequently. Love y'all!!!

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