Friday, August 30, 2013

I Only Date Superhero's

It has been a surprisingly busy week. Beginning with the last of my root canal and broken tooth mending. I love my dentist, but I hate having dental work done. They have now started taking my blood pressure before they will even consider cleaning my teeth because I get so anxious . Yes, there have been times when I was made to sit and calm down. After he finished mending my tooth he had me raise my right hand and solemnly swear to not break any more teeth. I did. And now you see why my dentist is cooler than yours.
That same day some home improvements began early in the morning . Anyone that knows me even in the littlest knows I am not a morning person . So the saws, bangs , clatter and Jack Davis going into full attack mode was a rough way to wake up . Monday also brought the celebration of 62 years of marriage for my grandparents.

Sixty-two years of Navy life, three children, one grand child and a grand dog ! I didn't think to ask how many countries, states and moves this included . The story goes, Papaw was on leave from the U.S. Navy and driving by Mamaw's home when he saw her sweeping the yard . Yes, I was surprised as well to learn that sweeping the yard use to be a thing . Anyway, he had to meet her ! I guess you just never know how you will meet your forever . I was going through some of Mamaw's photo albums and came across this one, I just love it !!! It is believed that the pic was taken by my mom when the family was moving cross country from California to Tennessee . They had a flat tire . I guess that is bound to happen when traveling such a distance . 

So, that was Monday and the week didn't really calm down . Between dentist visits, home repairs, anniversaries, applications, interviews , normal day-to-day chores, commitments and other varied appointments I am feeling the TGIF bug for sure ! Today I dropped of my resume , had a interview and received two rejections . One stating that I am too educated and another stating I am not educated enough . I mean, help a sister out people !! Can't seem to please any of ya !! I persist none the less . After spending several hours applying , filling out forms, quizzes, questionnaire's and researching online I needed to get outside and breath some fresh air . While on our walk I had the opportunity to take this picture . The color is edited by Instagram, but I believe it's beauty is untouched.
I am very grateful for these little walks Jack and I get to take now and then . I truly live in a beautiful part of Tennessee and to be so close to the lakes, trails and parks is a serious blessing . On this walk I was feeling really defeated by this entire process of seeking out God's will for my "next step" . Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has got their opinions on what I should be doing, how I should be doing and so on and so on. I however know that only so much of this is in my hands . I also know I am honestly pursuing every opportunity and idea that crosses my path . On the verge of tears I was tugging at Jack and trying to get our walk started when I looked up to see these perfect rays of light peeking through the clouds . Immediately I felt this hope spring up from deep inside . I felt that, "it's gonna be o.k." feeling . Almost an excited expectation feeling rose along with this hope . I think in all this as God provides and moves I have taken for granted how very specifically He has provided for me . Something I started just this last weekend was writing down very specifically and detailed in my prayer journal my physical needs .Writing down these needs and knowing that only He can move in such a way as to meet them has really helped me refocus on His power in my life . It is not our money, our homes , our jobs , or even our lives . We lay such claim to it all, but it is all His to give and take as He sees fit .  I have written down my specific needs down to the penny , pain and thought and when I saw this ray of hope on my walk the realization hit me how He can and has provide in the most unexpected ways down to the dime exactly what I needed and when. Always right on time !!! I mentally started going through my newly written list of needs and started marking a few off .
It is so easy to hold onto all the things that the Lord HASN'T done and look past what He HAS . I think in my time of darkness, doubt , and struggle that is something I have been very guilty of . I have been focused only on what He is not doing instead of what He is . Each day comes with it's different trials and tribulations, but it also comes with a opportunity and a CHOICE to praise Him for what He has done . Just today I glanced at a online post perhaps on Facebook saying something to the idea of "If He didn't allow it , it wasn't good enough for you anyway" . Now , I am sure it was probably originally intended to be about a boy, relationship, dating blah blah blah, but I of course apply it to my current situation . The no's are just as important as the yes' at this stage of the game . He has not left me unforgotten and He has a plan . I just got to keep holding on , marching on & pushing on . Somehow?!
The rest of my week added some new obsession from my friends to get me in a relationship . I'm not sure why this sudden interest , why they can't accept that I can only handle one path of chaos at a time or the fact that I am perfectly content as I am . I received a call from a inmate that I promptly hung up on seeing that I didn't recognize the name and all . I also immediately blamed my friends . If you are gonna go fishin' on my behalf don't do it in the septic pond . I mean, really . You're not gaining my trust y'all . All kidding aside I am grateful for the friends and family God has put in my life for this time . There is absolutely no way I would have survived on my own . I end this with the idea that I am expectant, I expect God will move . Right on time and in the most perfect way . I am thankful to be able to have this point of view today because I know that not all days will allow me such light .

Thanks for catching up with me . I appreciate all your words of encouragement . I hope your week was a bit calmer than mine and that your weekend will be all that you need it to be .  Happy Labor Day Weekend !!! Take some free time to rest, relax , revive and of course PRAISE !!!

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