Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fallllll-a-lleujah !!!

It is one of my most favorite times of year, FALL !!!! While the weather hasn't completely turned into fall I am surely getting geared up for it.  The Last Jewels of Fall , is my post from the last Fall season . If you are looking for some tips on baking pumpkin seeds give it a read . One of the bonus' that come from pumpkin carving is the wonderful fall snack of pumpkin seeds . I have a friend that is traveling cross country and on their stop at my place we plan to do some pumpkin carving and seed baking for sure !!!

I'm mulling over a Fall wreath idea that I have in my head. So far I have only gotten the primer completed. On this weeks to-do list is attempting to complete it. I will be sure to update you.......if it turns out to be something worthy of sharing of course. Jack Davis has gotten his fall hair cut and is ready for the new season. He absolutely loves sitting in the sunshine and letting this brisk breeze move through his lil' furry ears and snout . I think Fall may be Jack's favorite season as well .

This last week while visiting my grandparents I dropped off a bag of candy corn from my mom to my grandparents . As Mamaw poured a bowl of the sweet snack Papaw told me a story . He told me that once when he was younger he worked at a candy corn factory . Papaw has had many adventures in his days . I think that all he has experienced is why he likes to keep me so close . He knows what kind of trouble there is out there to get into . HAHA!! This story, is one of the best . So, apparently as I said before , Papaw worked in a candy factory as a teenager. This factory focused on candy corn . Papaw said he worked there for a little over a year and ate so much candy corn that he got blisters all over . I couldn't keep from laughing . I guess to a teenager a candy factory would be heaven . I can't say I blame him for indulging . I mean, when would one have that opportunity again ?!
I hope that you are enjoying all the wonderful things that fall has to bring with it . Have you gotten your fall wreath hung ? Are you baking yummy pumpkin flavored treats ? Have you hit up Starbucks for a PSL ?! I hope this season brings you some fun and cozy opportunities to make memories, tell stories and of a little candy corn, but not too much ! ;-)
Happy Fall to You All !! 

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