Wednesday, September 25, 2013

~They Think I Can~

As I pursue and pray about what is next for me I get a lot of suggestions from others about what I should do next . I appreciate suggestions , but to be honest at times it gets frustrating . Mainly because of suggestions that to me, make no sense . Those suggestions usually come from those closest to me surprisingly . Last week as some one was rattling off some ideas  I got so irritated I just changed the subject . Jack Davis is forever a handy fella to have around for such occasions . Later the same week I was telling my mom about some crazy to me idea's that my g'parents had . She laughed and offered a few suggestions of her own . None as crazy as another's suggestion of "tax preparer" . Why is that crazy you may ask ?! Let's just say math is not my strong suit and leave it at that .......
....unless it involves coupons, then I'm freakin' rain man !

I started thinking about all the varied suggestions I had been getting and some how worked myself into a tizzy . Tax Consultant , piano teacher , car part assembly.....DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!! I started to roll around phrases in my head such as "don't they know me at all?", "are they crazy?", "are they serious?", and "I'm running away from home. This is clearly not my family" . If I didn't look so much like my relatives it would be easier to claim I was adopted or something , but the proof is in the photo's.
Uncle Rick & Mom


Me & Dad
I mean.......I can not deny I look a bit like my owners. BTW- Owners is often my choice of word for parents. I.E. a child is doing something it shouldn't, "where is this child's owners ?". In the pic with my dad we are even smiling the same!! So, as I calmed myself down from my self appointed fit I started to gain a new perspective . I started asking myself the same questions once again, but came up with a better answer . It is so easy to get focused only on our selves when we are in the midst of a journey . We rarely look to the left or right to see who is traveling along with us . We also fail to look in front of or behind to see who has already walked before us and who is helping push us along . Now I'd like to preface this "ah-ha moment" with , it doesn't mean I don't still get irritated sometimes, but it does help me keep things in better perspective . I asked myself again , "why are they suggesting such crazy ideas as if they are possible?", it's because they believe they are . To my grandparents I am their only grandchild (I'm sure that explains a lot about who I am to some of you) and in their eyes , "if given the opportunity you could be on that Dancing with the Stars too". They genuinely believe I am capable of anything .

In the eyes of my loved ones and those closest to me I could do anything I wanted . In their minds I am capable of great things . So, why is it so difficult for me to believe that too ?! I think now that I have had this epic realization I am now more able to believe as well that I am capable of great things . I mean.....don't expect to see me shakin' it on Dancing with the Stars anytime soon, but know that I am pursuing God harder than I ever have before . For possibly the 101th time, I whole heartedly think "the no's are as important as the yes' ". With each disappointment, rejection, or simply unrealistic opportunity that I have to turn down I am getting closer and closer to Gods' plan for me . I am closer today than I was yesterday . I'll be closer tomorrow than I am today .

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